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Student was 15 cents short and had her lunch thrown away, T.I. offers to pay and says 'This sh*t is despicable'

A sophomore at University High School in Orange City, Florida was told she was 15-cents short while attempting to pay for her lunch in the school cafeteria. When she didn't have the rest of her money, her mom says that the cashier threw the food away, according to CBS News

This story is now circulating around social media and also caught the eyes of T.I. who retweeted the news article and wrote, "This sh*t is despicable!!! This is the kinda sh*t that deters kids from coming to school."

The 37-year-old rapper offered to pay for the student's lunch for the remainder of the school year.

T.I. also tweeted, "I’d like to take care of her school lunch for the year. I hate to hear this type of thing happening to our children."

As for the cashier who threw the student's lunch away, T.I. wrote, "Petty ass peon ass, poor excuse for a grown person."

I think lunch should be free for ALL students!
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