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5 takeaways from Ella Mai's interview on 'The Breakfast Club'

Breakout superstar Ella Mai, who is known for her smash hit single "Boo'd Up," recently released her self-titled debut album after three EP releases. The 23-year-old British singer is currently making local rounds for media interviews, and of course she stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club morning show. 

During her interview earlier today, Ella discussed her debut album, how she was discovered on Instagram, her days on The X Factor, her relationship status, and much more.

Here are 5 takeaways from Ella Mai's interview with the Breakfast Club:

The 'Boo'd Up' songstress is not boo'd up

Ella Mai confirmed that she's in fact single. While talking about relationships and cheating, the singer said she has never cheated on anyone before. When asked if she's been cheated on, she said not to her knowledge. Radio host Charlamagne said to her, "when you find the right man, you'll let him cheat on you."

Ummmm okay, Charlamagne. He's a mess, lol.

Ella addressed Jacquees' "Trip Remix" controversy

Right off the back, Charlamagne asked about the Jacquees controversy. 

Ella opened up about the rumor that she had singer Jacquees‘ remix of her song “Trip” taken down after it garnered more attention than the original version.

After Jacquees’ “Quemix” had quickly become a fan favorite, it had been taken down from YouTube, and fans suspected Ella was the one who had the song pulled down. But, popular record producer DJ Mustard revealed that he was the one who made the decision to have Jacquess’ remix pulled. Ella is signed to Mustard’s label 10 Summers Records.

So, it was the label's decision, not hers.

"I thought we were done talking about this," Ella said to Charlamagne.  

Yeah, let's move on. Even I'm tired of hearing about this Jacquees thing. Next....

Ella used to be in a girl group

Ella talked about auditioning on The X Factor UK where she was in a girl group, Arize. However, the group didn't make it past the first round of auditions in front of the judges, and the ladies came to a mutual decision to disband shortly afterwards. 

Hey, everything works out for a reason, right?! Now, Ella is killing it as a solo artist!

How DJ Mustard discovered Ella on Instagram

The power of social media! 

Ella was discovered by DJ Mustard on Instagram after he saw her singing short covers of popular songs. Ella explained it was Mustard's girlfriend who first noticed her, after one of Ella's videos popped up on her Explore page. 

The singer used Instagram a couple of years ago where she uploaded numerous snippets of her singing. She said back then, all she did was record videos on her iPhone which eventually became popular on social media.

Mustard simply DM'd Ella and asked about her situation. Ella said she had no management at the time and she was working in retail so when the opportunity came for her to record music with the hitmaker, of course she was down!

Ella's alleged sex tape

Ella does NOT have a sex tape floating around online. Earlier this month, there was a video making waves on Twitter which misidentified the singer. Ella said the rumors were ridiculous and you can clearly see it wasn't her in the video. 

She actually watched the sex tape because she wanted to see why people thought it was her in the video. 

Well, like Charlamagne said, people rather believe a lie when it's more entertaining than the truth. 

Check out Ella Mai's full interview below:

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