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Accomplish these 10 goals before the end of the year

How are you feeling about 2018 so far?

The end of the year is near - are you down for a goal setting challenge? Lets finish out the year strong with knocking out some goals! 

First, we should reflect on this year and think about all of the wonderful things we accomplished. Were there any unexpected lessons you learned this year? Is there anything you would have done differently so you know not to do that same thing next year? 

Check out my list of goals you can accomplish by the end of this year and see which ones need to be checked off your list. 

1) Update your resume

I legit just did this! I realized I haven't updated my resume and LinkedIn since last year and just in that short amount of time, things have changed for me and some updates were needed. It's always good to keep your resume, portfolio and professional sites updated and polished because you just never know when the perfect opportunity might come around and you'll need to be ready!

2) Organize and clean

Clean out and organize that closet, sock drawer, garage or whatever project you've been pushing to the side. I tend to set an entire cleaning day to the side from time to time where I dedicate most of the day (with breaks in between) to cleaning and getting ish down within the house. If you can't give up an entire day in your busy schedule, then set aside an hour or two, and I guarantee you'll be happy with the progress you make.

3) Get to that hobby/personal goal!

Just like finding the time to clean can be difficult, well, so is scheduling time to work on doing the things we love to do. Whether you're looking for time to write a book, journaling, blogging, drawing, making crafts, designing a website, launching a new business or whatever it is you love doing - just do it! Even if you have to sacrifice some TV time (I know it's hard to miss out on shows), but make it a priority to do the things you love to do. That book isn't going to write itself! 

4) Check up on family and friends

We all have busy schedules and sometimes time can slip away from us. We may think: "oh, I forgot to call so and so... I'll call them tomorrow!" ... and then tomorrow turns into next week, next week turns into next month, and so on. Put some time to the side to catch up with your loved ones. Not only will they feel better after knowing you checked up on them, but you'll feel better knowing that you're keeping in touch with the people who matter to you the most.

5) Give back

Do you have old clothes piling up in your house? Don't just throw them out, donate them to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or any other charity of your choice. Feel free to start your own charity to give back to those in need or contribute to someone's GoFundMe, give a helping hand to someone in need, pay it forward, volunteer in your local community or to a cause that you're passionate about, etc. Remember, giving back benefits everyone!

6) Update your social media accounts

When is the last time you checked those privacy settings on Facebook? When is the last time you've updated your LinkedIn? If you can't even remember the answer to that, then you may want to check that out now. Privacy settings tend to change on social media. Double check and make sure everything is in order. Check your DM's and inboxes and actually engage and respond back to people on your timeline. Also, it's just as important to clean up your friends list, if need be. Block out toxic people and anyone who you feel doesn't need to be on your page anymore. No bad energy over this way! 

7) Relax, self care, repeat

Schedule a beauty day for yourself and relax! Now, this doesn't mean you have to go to the spa and schedule an appointment (unless yo want to, of course). This also can mean, giving yourself an extra hour to wax, exfoliate, do a beauty mask, soak in a bubble bath, etc. Making time for yourself should be the #1 thing on your list of things to do because if you're not right and healthy, how can you check on others and kick ass in life. It starts with taking care of YOU first. 

8) Exercise 

As I stated in point #7, your health comes first, and this includes engaging in a regular exercise routine which will benefit you physically as well as mentally.

9) Create a budget and check your credit score

This is something I personally need to work on. Next year, I will be focused on raising my credit score, paying off things, and contributing more to my savings account. 

10) Create a plan for next year

I'm always thinking ahead and you should too! Create a list of short and long term goals. Really take the time to think about the personal and professional goals you want to achieve. Write them down and keep your list somewhere handy where you can view it often. This will serve as your reminder to get it done.

Find a friend with similar goals and hold each other accountable on reaching those set goals. I know whenever I write things down and speak it into existence, the goals get accomplished!

What are some of the goals that you 
really want to accomplish next year?

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