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Yandy Smith maced with pepper spray while protesting at Brooklyn federal prison

Power and heat failures spark protest in Brooklyn 

Love & Hip Hop New York star Yandy Smith was reportedly attacked by guards with pepper spray while protesting on Sunday.

Yandy has been front and center during the protest at the federal detention center in Brooklyn, New York where more than a thousand inmates have reportedly been without power and shivering in freezing cells for days.

There were also conflicting reports on Saturday that inmates have received blankets and hand warmers.

@tamikadmallory, @bonded4ever, @jamilatdavis, @mysonnenygeneral and myself got on the phone at midnight. And said what can we do to help these people out?! By the next morning this happened. So many of you people sit and poke fun on my page about the protest I’m apart of. Or say “here’s Yandy doing it for social media again” but what more is my social media for than to bring attention to the injustices we as humans deal with or the beauty of life we deal with. Here real change is happening because we demanded it and put in the work. Stop sitting at home judging, causing dissension, and allowing nonsense to cloud your vision of what’s right! Get up and get out there with me. You see the work and I will CONTINUE TO POST! SO THE NEXT TIME YOU SAY YANDY DOES IT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MAKE SURE YOU ADD BUT SHE REALLY PUTS IN THE WORK AND MAKES THINGS HAPPEN! Then say to yourself “IM A LAZY SIDE LINE HATIN A$$ LAME!” because you’re not putting in any work! If you can’t make it out here send food, soup, blankets for the protesters. Or you can cash app @tamikadmallory to aid in this $tamikamal. Now meet me out here at MDC 80 29th street Brooklyn NY . . . . Special thanks to the other street soldiers that got the call and SHOWED UP WITH THEIR BOOTS ON, SIGNS AND BLOW HORNS @ericaford_ilovemylife @lsarsour @trife_gangsta @nyjusticeleague @msladyjustice1 @angelo_pinto_ #occupyforhumanity #UntilThereIsHeat @noequalitynoeconomy @streetpoliticianspod
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