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Watch Raz B walk off stage mid-performance at Millennium Tour, JBoog pokes fun at him

Raz B has clearly been going through it lately. Just weeks ago, he quit the B2K Millennium Tour in fear that his former abusive manager Chris Stokes was around. 

If you recall, Raz has claimed numerous times that Chris Stokes molested him. Chris has denied these allegations.  

Recently, Raz stormed off stage in the middle of a performance in Nashville. He was clearly upset about something:

Raz also said Omarion is the only one there for him. 

The entire group should be there for him!

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After the video of Raz walking offstage surfaced online, he posted about it and expressed his frustrations: 

Earlier today, JBoog posted a video (which has now been deleted) where it seemed as if he was mocking his B2K bandmate:

This is a whole entire mess! 
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