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Aubrey O'Day gets called out for plagiarizing another model's photo

Aubrey O' Day from Danity Kane is getting called out for plagiarizing and photo-shopping herself in another artist's work.

The photo in question comes from Aubrey's Instagram account where she posted a picture of herself in a bathing suit and boots, laying in a desert with Deserto de Mojave (a desert in California) as the location tagged for the photo. Aubrey also tagged Fashion Nova so it's most likely a sponsored post.

Well, numerous peeps on Twitter have since called out the 35-year-old singer for plagiarizing because: 1) Aubrey allegedly photo-shopped herself on top of another model, and 2) the photo in question is supposedly not even take in Deserto de Mojav but was taken years ago in Namibia, a country in southwest Africa.

Symara Templeman, the international model in the original photo, posted about it on her Instagram page and wrote, "Fuck....... a little filter... enlarge image....... Photoshop original model out, and put another in. And here we are .... just so so tiring, being constantly used, underappreciated."

Symara continued, "We worked so hard to create these beautiful images out in the Namibian desert. And then you have this. It's just...I'm so upset by this #aubreyoday."

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