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Karen Civil calls out Reggie Bush for launching an unauthorized Nipsey Hussle GoFundMe campaign

Karen Civil called out former NFL player Reggie Bush out for launching a GoFundMe page to raise money for Nipsey Hussle's kids without consent from Nipsey's family.

Reggie tweeted on Friday to announce that he and his wife Lilit Avagyan donated $10,000 to Nipsey's two children. He also encouraged others to help them reach their $100,000 goal.

Well, that got shut down QUICK.

In since-deleted tweets, Karen said that Nipsey's family didn't approve of the GoFundMe page. And, she also pointed that a foundation for community efforts will kick off soon.

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Reggie deleted his announcement tweet and the GoFundMe page has since been deleted.

But, it didn't stop there. Reggie also posted a response to Karen. In a lengthy Instagram post, he wrote: 

"Wait wait wait wait one minute. I just heard about this story I'm sorry but I must defend myself here. This is beyooond me! I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GAIN FROM THIS!!!! [...] Not sure where this came from or who you spoke to but you must be sadly mistaken if you think we just lost our minds and made up some fake gofundme page."
Karen then responded to Reggie on Twitter and said Nipsey's family asked him not to do this:  

And, the two went back and forth on Instagram:

Oop! Well, hopefully these two don't go back and forth anymore and all can be forgotten. 
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