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Did Joe Budden cheat on Cyn Santana? Spotted with Instagram model weeks before breakup rumors (video)

Last week, rumors spread that Joe Budden and Cyn Santana called it quits. 

It seems as if Cyn had removed any existing trace of her fiancé from her Instagram page, and she has been seen in recent videos not wearing her engagement ring.

Joe addressed the situation recently during a live show in Tampa where he told his audience that they had not broken up because no one actually said those words. He did, however, confirm that Cyn moved out of his house. 

Yeah, that can't be good.

A spring break vlog is now being circulated around from a month ago which shows Joe casually strolling through Miami with Instagram model Jazzma Kendrick. 

Mind you, this could have been a platonic meetup, maybe Jazzma is about to be on Joe's podcast or something. Who knows. But, Joe and Jazzma were captured by a group of spring breakers who asked the rapper where his fiancĂ© was.

And, to make matters worse... Erica Mena previously called out Joe for bringing a random girl over to her house.

Do you think Joe cheated on Cyn?

Peep the video footage in question below which starts at the 5:42 mark: 

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