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'Basketball Wives' star OG calls Evelyn Lozada a 'racist bigot' over this post

The ladies of Basketball Wives filmed their reunion this past Monday in Los Angeles.

According to multiple reports and from people who were at the reunion, Ogom “OG” Chijindu wasn't allowed to film on stage with the rest of the cast and she had to sit in another room while communicating with the other ladies via satellite. The reason was reportedly “safety concerns” from some of the other ladies.

It has also been reported that CeCe left the reunion because she didn’t like what they were doing to OG, and Tami didn’t show up (not surprising) because she’s over it and she also reportedly wasn’t feeling their treatment of OG either. 

“I wish everyone well and move on in peace,” Tami wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post. “#ThatGotOutFast #AudienceBeOnIt #NowWhatHappenedWithOG #Yikes.”

Evelyn Lozada and OG have had their back and forth on the current season of Basketball Wives. Most recently, OG called Evelyn out on Twitter as a "racist bigot" after Evelyn posted a now-deleted Instagram Stories post asking people to boycott OG. Evelyn also added a picture of a monkey on her post. 
And, this is not the first time Evelyn has caught heat over racist comments. Last season on Basketball Wives, Evelyn got into it with CeCe and called her “Lee Lee. CeCe is Filipino, and "Lee Lee" is used as a racial stereotype that Asian women generally work in nail salons. Evelyn has since apologized for her comment. But, it looks like she hasn't learned. 
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