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Fake Black Lives Matter supporters caught tagging a Starbucks building in Los Angeles

A non-Black protester tagging "BLM" on a Starbucks in Los Angeles, CA.
Photo: @nia_miranda

Protests have erupted across America over the murder of George Floyd, a black man who was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the hands of the police. This is one of many instances of people of color being killed by police. 

Stores have been ransacked, buildings have been set on fire, monuments have been vandalized, authorities have used rubber bullets and tear gas at demonstrations as tensions have boiled over in dozens of American cities. Widespread protests have taken place in Minnesota, Los Angeles, New York, Philly, different cities in New Jersey, North Carolina, and many more states have come together.

There have also been many instances shown on social media of fake Black Lives Matter protestors defacing different communities.

Actress and filmmaker Nia Miranda, who has been on the frontlines of protesting in Los Angeles, recorded non-Black protestors defacing a Starbucks in the Los Angeles community. 

"The news and everyone else needs to know and see the Truth! STOP reporting black people as “thugs” and saying we are destroying the community! This is NOT the face of the #BlackLivesMatter community," Miranda wrote on her Instagram page

"This is NOT US! We will not accept this! We will speak up and speak out!"

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