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A 'Bad Girls Club' reunion is coming to OnlyFans, according to Natalie Nunn

**UPDATE: The cast was announced! Details are below

Are you ready for a long-overdue
Bad Girls Club reunion?!! It looks like many of us fans may be getting our wish... and very soon! 

It's been three years since the Bad Girls Club aired on TV. However, this upcoming reunion will not be on the Oxygen network that has hosted the previous 17 seasons of the popular reality show

Natalie Nunn, who starred on BGC ten years ago on season 4, went live on her Instagram page on Tuesday night and confirmed a BGC reunion-type show on OnlyFans, a popular content-sharing, subscription service that's online. 

Natalie revealed the name of this OnlyFans show will be the Bad Bitch Club, created with content exclusively from Bad Girls picked by fans. 

"We are creating good content for you," Natalie said. "We have cameras."

For true fans of BGC, if you want to see some of your favorite Bad Girls return for a reunion, here are the details, according to Natalie:

-- The OnlyFans content will cost $20 for the subscription (per month) for fans to watch all of the episodes, leaks and content of the show. Each month will be a new season. 

-- Fans can sign up for the exclusive BGC content here:

.-- The online show will be filmed in Atlanta and will then move to other locations.

"Atlanta Georgia is open so we can go out and do things," Natalie said. "Everyone has to test negative [for COVID-19 tests]."

-- The show will be interactive where fans can vote on OnlyFans for their favorite Bad Girl (from any previous season). Fans will have the power of who can make it into the house.

-- Fans will be able to act as "producers" of the show and suggest what the Bad Girls can do and where they should go each season. 

-- There will be seven girls in the mansion and two replacements will be on standby. 

-- Voting, filming and group chats, etc. are happening over the course of the next couple of days.

There's a mix of OG's and season 17 girls onboard to film, Natalie said. Tanisha, Janelle, Seven, Christina, Rocky, Kat, Jennifer, Redd and The Victor twins are all supposedly down. 

As for The Clermont twins, Natalie said: "we're gonna figure that out."

One fan mentioned in the IG live that Judi (from BGC season 7) rejected being apart of this reunion on Twitter. Natalie had nothing to say about that. 

Judi tweeted on Tuesday before Natalie's Instagram Live and wrote, "Sorry guys I declined the OnlyFans BGC Reunion." 

Winter (from BGC season 16) seemed to have been a popular fan choice in Natalie's Instagram Live comments. Natalie said she doesn't know Winter personally and has not spoken to her. However, she said someone else reached out to Winter so she's aware of the reunion. 

"Everybody's gonna be in," Natalie assured fans during her IG Live. 

The Bad Girls are currently doing videos for their fans so they can convince people to vote them into the house. Natalie said there will also be a trip to Mexico and they plan on adding more of the Bad Girls in November. She also revealed there will be a Friendsgiving in November, and perhaps a trip in December. 

Natalie put it out there that not all of the Bad Girls currently get along and that their group chat is already full of drama. And, she said some of the Bad Girls supposedly messed around with each other. 

Natalie said fans basically will have the power to vote in known enemies from past shows to create the drama of their pleasing on the OnlyFans show.

There will be security in the house for the girls' safety, not Bad Girls Club-type security, according to Natalie. 

Many fans were concerned if Natalie and the rest of the women could possibly get sued for doing their own version of Bad Girls Club. However, Natalie clarified none of them can get sued and said, "None of us Bad Girls are in contract with Oxygen anymore."

Cast announcement

The cast has been announced for the Bad Bitch Club and the first season of this reunion special will reportedly include:
Natalie, season 4 
Christina, season 9 
Shannon, season 10 
The Victor Twins, season 8 
Rocky, season 10 
Sarah, season 11 
Jada, season 12 
Erika, season 9

Casting update

The Bad Bitch Club hasn't even started filming yet and there already seems to be casting issues! 

It appears that three of the bad girls are having issues with production and now three more ladies need to be chosen! The Victor Twins and Erika will be swapped out with three new picks as those ladies are currently having issues with Natalie and production on OnlyFans. 

There are rumors floating around on social media that fans are allegedly getting "scammed" on OnlyFans and that there won't be full, heavily edited BGC-like type of episodes with quality cameras. However, fans were told on Natalie's previous Instagram Live that the editing will not be like how it was on the Oxygen network. Fans are also told they will get their money worth with this OnlyFans reunion.

As always, it's up to you whether you want to pay the $20 to subscribe to the OnlyFans content or not. 

Stay tuned for more updates on casting and what happens when the first OnlyFans episode finally kicks off!


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