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Chad Wheeler no longer with Seattle Seahawks following alleged brutal assault on his girlfriend

**Content warning and trigger warning: graphic content 

Seattle Seahawks player Chad Wheeler is accused of brutally assaulting his Black girlfriend. 

According to a police report, Wheeler believed his girlfriend was dead after allegedly choking her unconscious — and was shocked she survived. 

Wheeler told his girlfriend to bow down, according to the police report, and when she refused, he grabbed her by her neck and choked her. When she tried to get away, he dislocated and fractured her arm. His girlfriend passed out, woke back up and when Wheeler realized she was alive, he allegedly choked and beat her. 

Wheeler then allegedly continued to eat dinner as he thought his girlfriend was dead on her bed. When she regained consciousness, she ran into the bathroom once realizing what happened. 

As she ran into the bathroom, Wheeler allegedly said, “Wow, you’re still alive” while sipping on a smoothie.

The police knocked on the door and she tried to run out. Wheeler caught his girlfriend and cornered her into the bathroom. Afterward, police broke down the doors and tackled him. 

His girlfriend currently has a broken arm and she suffered great bodily harm. 

Wheeler's bail was set at $400,000, and he is currently out on bond after his arrest. 

According to ESPN, the Seattle Seahawks say Wheeler is no longer with the team following his arrest.