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Bring on the Drama, Bad Girls Club Premiere

Hair pulling, shoving and mushing of faces started already on day #1 as Bad Girls Club season 6 takes over on a new night and heads back to Hollywood. Monday nights now include entertainment from seven new girls on this addictive drama-filled show.

Some of the girls are reminiscent of girls from previous seasons, well to me they are. The Jersey chick, Nikki, reminds me of Flo from season 4, meaning this chick seems like she means business. Char is hot and is the oldest girl in the house who sort of reminds me of Tiffany from season 3. Kori "Botox Barbie" reminds me of "Blondie" Kristen from last season. And Sydney, the red hair chick reminds me of Lea from last season.

I love when Bad Girls Club starts off with a flashback of drama we can expect in the upcoming shows which instantly grabs our attention. But two weeks earlier takes us back to the episode that we watched tonight. I love how Jade walks in, grabs a bottle of liquor and starts taking it to the face. But she says this season will be "The Jade Show" which we previously heard in past seasons with "The Natalie Show" and "The Amber Show". But Jade was just another Morgan from last season. She brought the drama on the first show and couldn't stand up to her role as she left already!

The house looks even more decked out than ever before, upgraded into a more Hollywood mansion look which includes new picture monitors of the girls on the wall.

My favorite quote of the night came from Lauren, the "Southern Spitfire" from Kentucky who the girls keep calling the sweet girl, yeah we'll see how long that will last, "I don't take instructions, I give orders!." Okay Lauren, get em'!

Jersey girl Nikki
She looks cute here but not on the first show.

Now Nikki, the tomboy from New Jersey is a hot mess to me so far. I really wanted to like her being that she's repping Jersey. But I don't like her childish ways and she's not even that cute. Why do people always associate New Jersey with "Guido's" and the shore? Jersey is way more than the image of The Jersey Shore.

Jessica has a hot temper and got into it with a couple of the girls already. But for some reason I kinda like her. 

So who do you think the baddest "B" in the house is so far? To me everybody is pretty much standing their own ground and using where they're from to make it seem like they're the baddest. The current season cast always wants to outdo the previous bad girls. A lot of mushing went on in this first show, which to me is the ultimate disrespect. But something tells me to be on the look out for Nikki, she seems like a tough cookie who is ready to box anyone in the house.

Next week someone goes to the hospital? Oh boy things are jumping off pretty fast this season. These girls are not waiting to fight with each other and I can't wait to see who the new girl is!