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Monday Madness-Driving

I took this Photo when I was stuck in traffic draving to Newark
I was bored as you can tell
Today's topic on Monday Madness will be....

With so many drivers on the roads nowadays, especially in New Jersey, I thought this would be an appropriate topic to discuss for Monday morning.

The Monday morning rush can cause people to act like major jerks on the road and yes I turn into one of them at times. If people knew simple driving etiquette then maybe our ride to work or wherever would be a little more pleasant.

If there is traffic on the parkway, the Turnpike, or anywhere why the hell are you beeping and cutting people off! Lay off the horn because it's not helping the situation. Why are you cutting off people? You're not going any faster than me, we are stuck in traffic so nobody is going anywhere.

If I give you a break by letting you pass me to make your turn or by letting you in the lane by getting infront of me, a simple wave, smile, or blinking your lights means a simple "Thank you!" Friendly gestures will make you feel better so the road rage doesn't come out.

If you're going to drive 40 mph on the parkway do me a favor and others by moving your slow behind to the right and stay in the slow lane. Only people zooming by doing at least the speed limit should be in the fast lane. When you drive like a grandma in the fast lane people will tailgate you, high beam you, and cut you off.

If you see a long line of cars waiting at a tollbooth or waiting to get off an exit and you speed up and try to cut them off, you're being a jerk and you know it too. That's so not cool, wait your turn like everyone else.

Why do we have blinkers when so many people fail to use them? I'm driving behind you and all of a sudden you start braking for no reason but then turn off to the right. USE YOUR BLINKER so I can slow down as well or switch lanes.

Remember other cars are not the only ones you have to worry about. Pedestrians are out there too and if you fail to yield to them you could face getting tickets. At pedestrian crossways you should stop. Why are you trying to rush infront of them? I understand pedestrains can be jerks too and sometimes they just run out infront of your car. But I would rather stop than run a person over.

I'm not saying everyone drives bad, I'm just saying courtesy equals safe driving for you and everyone around you. Remember you are not the only car on the road. The other cars sharing the road with you don't think you're special. Don't drive like you have super powers thinking you can do whatever you want on the road. There are a lot of crazy people out there (yes besides yourself) and one day you might beep at or cut off the wrong one!


  1. Thanks for the advice, La La's dad!

  2. My 2 rules of the road:

    1. Like you said USE YOUR BLINKERS! Omg, that is the #1 reason I go into a fiery rage on the road. I think they were invented for a reason and I will go from laughing to yelling in half a second.

    2.I require you to go at MINIMUM 5 over the speed limit to be in the fast lane. Speed limit or slower is for the other lanes. They call it FAST for a reason, not regular or slow...

    That is all lol.

  3. @ BElievablyMe: yes yes yes!!! And I hate when people leave their blinker on for miles after they have turned, ughhh.


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