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Game On! - Poll Results

                                                      According to your results...
1) The right man for Melanie is

Derwin wins with 75 percent of the votes. Of course Derwin is right for Melanie. Jerome, (Mehcad Brooks), had the other 25 percent of the votes. But this swimsuit model couldn't top Derwin.

2) The hottest man for Kelly is Jason.

No one else touched Jason in this category, with 100 percent of your votes Jason is the obvious choice for Kelly. They need to stop playing around and re-marry!

3) The best man to handle Ms. Tasha Mack is Rick Fox.

Coach T (Rocky Carroll) and Punk ass Chauncey (Michael Boatman) both received 20 percent of the votes, but no one could top Rick Fox with 60 percent of the votes. Come back to us Rick and kick Donte to the curb!