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Monday Madness-Which Sex is Better on the Road?

"If a young male and a female both apply for car insurance at the same company with the same car make and model, same age, same driving history, and the same credit record, the female will pay a lower rate for her car insurance than the male."

It is known that males have a higher risk of getting into an accident on the road. I talked to different age groups, drivers and non-drivers, males and females, young and older and asked them; Which sex is the better driver and why? Here are some of the answers:

Jane, 50, experienced driver, "Females have more patience and are cautious, we think about safety more."

Brian, 19, new driver, "I haven't been driving that long, but I notice my father drives better than my mother."

Bernice, 81, retired driver, "Females! we're better at everything and we have an even temper on the road."

Karen, 23, non-driver, "I don't drive but being a passenger for most of my life gives me more say on how females and males drive. I've been with both women and men on the road and women are more cautious on the road. I feel men have a better sense of direction, however men always feel like they have to prove something when they're on the road like 'oh I'm cool, I need to drive with one hand, I need to speed, I need to beat this guy to the exit' and females don't do that. We have better
                                                                          manners on the road."

Michael, 51, experienced driver, "That's a hard question. I've been out there on the road for a long time and from my past experiences women are generally the better drivers. They're not dare devils on the road. Men are more daring, racing other people, that's what makes us men not as good as a female driver."

Do you agree? Disagree? Well only a couple of people said males were the better drivers. Even males were saying females were better, which was shocking because I thought their macho male ego's would cause them to think differently. I was proved wrong. But none of the females said males were better.

So what do I think? Hey women... maybe we need our own seperate, personal lanes and the roads will be safer lol.