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WTF Wednesday's! - Face Tattoo's

Are Facial Tatt's the 'Cool' thing to do Nowadays?

I've seen some pretty crazy tattoo's but tatting your face!  I've heard of people having tattoo's on their eyelids too. What is going on with people?

"Burrrrr" is what Gucci Mane says in his rap songs. Yeah, I guess that newly tatted triple scoop icecream cone on your face is "burrrrr".

As the latest vitctim of facial tattoo stupidity at its finest, Gucci Mane's tatt created a stirring buzz on Twitter last week and people are still talking about it.

Check out some of the latest tweets of what people said:

KingBJXXIII: After Gucci Mane new tattoo, ill never look at a vinilla ice cream cone the same again... #random

wildlifequavo: Dear twitter, have you seen Gucci mane's newest tattoo?? Smh... DRUG FREE IS THE WAY TO BE!!!

tgines: This idiot looks like he got drunk and passed out at a tattoo artist kegger.

Baby 'Birdman'

Lil Wayne...He has more than this
What is going on Jamie Foxx? Are you trying to copy Birdman?
Mike Tyson probably thinks he looks
The Game