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Game Time! Ta-Dowwwww!

The anticipation can finally be put to rest as the first show of The Game, Parachutes and Beachchairs, finally premiered yesterday on BET. The show appropriately started off as two years later.

The buzz of the show was kicking in full gear this past week as the main cast of the show went to places like New York and L.A. for radio interviews, television appearances, and to celebrate the premiere at viewing parties. Even Twitter was having trending topics about The Game. Fans changed their avatars to The Game cast picure promoting the show, and some of the cast members were tweeting non-stop about the premiere.

I'm facebook friends with Gabrielle Dennis, many know her as the baby mama on the show, Janay. Now many people didn't like her character last season, thinking she was coming in between Derwin and Melanie. But I must say she is holding her own and even if we don't like it, that is Derwin's baby. Seeing Derwin hurt when he found out Derwin Jr. wasn't his was sad to watch. Now Melanie, "Ms. I gave up John Hopkins for you", I don't blame her for swabbing the baby's mouth, but the way she blurted out that DJ wasn't Derwin's was not cool, she is the same old Melanie.

Names like "Rookie" and "Girl Melanie" no longer exist since everyone knows who these two stars are now. Derwin and Melanie live in a bigger house, they are doing photo shoots for the cover of Essence and Derwin is now the face of Nike! Wow he did good in those two years.

Ms. Kelly, glamour girl, as I like to call her, is now parading around town shooting her reality show after her divorce from Jason and spending all of his money, how typical of an ex wife of an athlete. I miss the Kelly and Jason marriage and I hope they get back together, I don't like them single. We also saw that Camille (Stacy Dash) isn't with Jason anymore.

"I'm handing out ass whooping and lollipops and I'm fresh out of lollipops!" Kelly says to Tasha Mack. So it's two years later and Kelly has not forgiven Tasha for introducing Jason to Camille. C'mon girls lets be friends again and sip some wine like the old times!

Lets talk about Allison, Tee Tee's "girl". I had a feeling when she volunteered to take Malik home soemthing was going to happen between them. How messed up was Malik saying to Tee Tee, "She can't stay down there all day." Really Malik! You couldn't just leave one female off limits? You're already messing with your bosses wife.

Let's check out Tasha and Donte's steamy romance. So far I'm not feeling Terrance J as Tasha's new younger love interest. He did make his acting skills believable but for some reason I still see him as goofy Terrance on 106 & Park. But it's only the first show so Im sure his character will develop some more. We'll see how long their relationship lasts since Tasha is always messing them up. And why is she is always hiding her man from her son Malik? Tasha you're grown.

As you can see there is no Rick Fox and Tasha anymore. Supposedly, Rick Fox was unable to be on The Game because he was participating in Dancing With the Stars at the time. I hope he makes a special appearance or something.

Another character that is supposedly not coming back this season is Dionne (Shanti Lowry). I didn't like her in season 1, but I grew fond of Dionne when her and Melanie started living together. We can also expect an appearance from Melanie's parents this season, according to what Tia Mowry said on her Twitter, oh boy!

Next week is the confession episode where Melanie will come clean to Derwin about his son, putting a strain on their marriage. Cheap, funny guy Jason also lashes out against the Sabers. I guess someone is feeling the pressure of being an older football player. So stay tuned folks!