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WTF! Wednesday's-Newark

This week for WTF Wednesday's was inspired by my frustration with Newak parking.

Expired Meter
Cops love to see this.

There were cuts made to the Newark police department which is said to be the reason why Newark's crime rate recently jumped back up after the recent murders that took place last month.

Now I'll admit Mayor Cory Booker has done a good job with keeping the murder rate down as he stepped up into office back in 2006. The city even celebrated the first murder free month last year in March which hasn't happened since 1966!

My point is this, people need someone to blame when something happens, that is the police. Police were laid off but there are sure a lot of cops, metermaids or whatever the hell you call them, that are out in the streets to make sure drivers get tickets.

When your meter is up by five minutes, better believe you got a ticket on the dash. If you park in the no parking zone for a couple of minutes because you can't find a meter spot and you don't want to pay that 10 dollars to park in the deck, well you better believe when you get back to your car they got you, the police are on it for tickets.

Now there is this red light photo thing where red light cameras were installed at a number of intersections in Newark. You can find some of these cameras on Broad Street and the cameras are to help with crime as well as catch drivers. C'mon it's mainly to give out more tickets. I thought when a traffic light turns yellow that means slow down. If it just turned yellow it's not a crime if you go throught the light. But nope. I'm hearing from some Newark employees that they're getting tickets just from going through the yellow light!

This city is so on top of giving out tickets, collecting their money and I guess they make their quota. They can catch a car parked illegally in a second. They stay on top of tickets but not on top of the murders, just a thought.

Maybe I'm writing this because dealing with Newark parking is a pain and I'm sick of meaningless amounts of parking tickets, so I'm venting. The city needs to focus on what is important. They're so focused on catching drivers doing illegal things when in reality they need to worry about the murderers, drug dealers, and gangs that are taking over Newark.

So for the cops that gave me my couple of tickets during these past couple of weeks...WTF! And that is all.


  1. I enjoy how you want to refocus police attention on things that matter. Highly interesting, lol.

    I agree.


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