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Monday Madness-Snow Storm

The snow subsides, kiddies are back in school and the holidays are OVER!

My thoughts on the 2010 blizzard...

It makes people crazy!
It's about time the snow is finally melting, snow serves us no purpose. So what if it looks pretty. It blocks parking spaces, keeps you stranded in the house, makes streets narrower, and causes accidents.

Mayor Bloomberg gets criticized for not cleaning the New York streets but better believe Times Square got cleared out for the New Years Eve celebrations.

Governor Chris Christie gets criticized for taking a trip to Disney land and leaving his state during the start of the blizzard. Now I've seen the guy in person before for work and he isn't the nicest person, especially to reporters, but c'mon he is a father too. If that was his kids Christmas present then so be it. That is the reason why we have 'Acting Governor's' who by the way declared a state of emergency.

(Photo taken from Google images)
An East Orange woman was leaving her part time mall job the night when the blizzard started. Her car got stuck on Rt. 280. She was amongst the many who got stranded in their car during the blizzard. She walked to the police station in the snow, where she arrived wrapped in a blanket and snow on her face. She died shortly after.

It has been reported that many fights broke out over parking spots last week. People must think when they shovel a spot in the street it has their name written on it. The street is free game people, it is not your driveway, big difference. So when you put a chair, or garbage cans, or whatever in that spot and you come back and another car is there, don't be shocked. It's hard enough to find spots on the street in this snow so claiming spots won't work.

So a word of advice for this winter:
-Keep your butt home during a state of emergency.
-Stop criticizing politicians when you need to worry about you and your family. They're not going to help you shovel or dig your car out anyway.
-Don't try and save spots in the street. Most likely it won't be there when you return and you might also be short of a kitchen chair.


  1. I'm happy to see those kids go back to school... And my mom go back to work. FINALLY, HOUSE TO MYSELF!

  2. You are too funny! I'm glad you're enjoying the house you should cook some breakfast for me and the third one lol.


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