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New Seasons / New Shows this January!!!

On my list to watch...

Bad Girls Club: Yes! The returning "bad girls", alcholics, and skanks return this month and so quickly as season 5 just left us. If you're addicted to the repititive fights, drama, and arguments like I am then you'll love the upcoming season. The girls always try to out do the previous seasons but it never seems to get old. Seven new girls will entertain us for the next couple of months. Even though there is nothing like Season 2 with Tanisha having a war with the pans, I'm so looking forward to this season and future ones.The Game: After what feels like a five year hiatus, The Game is finally returning and the original cast is back! BET picked up the show and I am so happy they did. There were so many un-answered questions that left us thinking when the last episode of Season 3 aired. What is going to happen with Kelly and Jason? Will Stacy Dash keep her recurring role as Jason's girlfriend? Is that really Derwin's baby? (I hope not!) But you gotta love Pooch Hall! Will Malik ever settle down? What is going to happen to Tasha and Kelly? Now remember Kelly punched the hell out of Tasha right before Melanie and Derwin's wedding which ended with Kelly saying Tasha's line,"Ta-Dowwwwww Bitch!" And what about Rick Fox and Tasha? Remember he made an appearance on the final episode at the end. I follow Terrance from 106 & Park on twitter and supposedly he has a role in The Game this we'll see!


Let's Stay Together cast
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Let's Stay Together: Okay this show may not sound familiar but it premieres right after The Game on BET, January 11th. It's a romantic comedy which sort of reminds me of that show For Your Love, if anybody remembers that, which was about three couples. But I'm looking forward to watching this show as well. The show also stars cutie, RonReaco Lee. You may remember him from playing Tia's boyfriend in Sister Sister.

Pretty Little Liars: "Got a secret can you keep it"...I love the opening theme song of that show! Yes this is a teen drama, I'm in my twenties and I watch it. I'm addicted to this show and I don't think Jenna is really blind. Who is A? Did Allison really die? We didn't see her body in the coffin on the first show since it was closed, so what if her body wasn't really in there. And who ran over Hanna on the last episode of Season 1? Season 2 better bring us closer to finding out what really happened the night Allison "went missing" and reveal more secrets!

Sammi and Jwoww Round 1, 2nd Season
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Jersey Shore: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yaaa!!!" as Pauly would say. It feels like this show never went off the air. But I'm pumped to watch Season 3 as they live it up back in their New Jersey shore home. I wonder if Ron and Sammi made it during the break? And it looks like there will be a round 2 match up between Jwoww and Sammi...oh boy!!! Fight! Fight! Fight! Sadly there's no more Angelina who brought the majority of the drama before. This new season we get to check out the new girl, Snookie's friend who will be replacing Angelina. So "It's T-Shirtttttttttttt Time", time to check out these crazy Jersey Shore people.

You're Cut Off: Yes I did watch the first season of this show. It entertain's me to see these spoiled little rich girls get cut off from their luxurious lifestyle and have to work and clean like normal people. So I look forward to a new season, new brats and fights.