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Pretty Little Liars Recap

Careful What U Wish 4
An image from next weeks episode: Careful What U Wish 4
So we've seen a couple shows of this second season so far and found out some secrets from the first season. There seems to be different people contributing to the mystery of who 'A' is.

Lucas is the one who broke Allson's memorial. Hanna found out her mother stole money from work. Emily came out to her parents that she's gay and her mother is having a hard time accepting her daughters sexuality. Emily's mom says, "How are we going to fix this." Like really? You can't fix someone's sexuality that's just who they are so accept it and move on.

 "The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach," she says to her daughter. Ouch!

What I like about the show is how some issues are real. Some kids do have problems with coming out and expressing who they are. Emily had an even better punch line when her mother  saw Emily and Maya on the bed studying together and overreacted. 

"For the first time in my life I'm ashamed that you're my mother." Wow!

Jenna admitted to Toby that she's the one who turned him in because she didn't want him running around like some kind of fugitive. Toby said he would never touch Jenna again and she seems to want Toby back. Now remember Toby and Jenna are related and Allison knew they were messing around.

So who could be sending those text messages? Who is A? We know it is someone who is always around, like Nole! He is always conveniently popping up, what a creepster. I didn't even trust that basket and teddy bear he brought Hanna when she was in the hospital. That bear could have a recorder in it for all we know. He was also around for Hanna's party when the money went missing and when she had to eat all those cupcakes, hmmmm.

'A' could also be Lucas or Toby. I honestly don't think its them though. And poor Toby, walking around town and everyone is looking at him differently and calling him a murderer.

'A' could also be Jenna. Even though she's blind we did see her in season one speaking to her phone and saying "send", that makes her a little suspect if you ask me.

'A' could also be Ian as we come to finally find out who the boy was in the video with Allison on the night she disappeared. Did Ian kill Allison? Maybe they were having an affair and she was so obsessed with him and couldn't keep her mouth closed that Ian knocked her off. I'm thinking he's the one who cut that tree down too so people wouldn't see the 'Allison loves Ian' inscribed in it.

Careful What U Wish 4
Could Ian be Allison's killer?
(Image from next week's episode)
I do find it kind of odd that he's married to Spencer's sister, Melissa so fast and they're rushing to have a baby. Wasn't she just engaged? How quickly she got over the fact that Spencer kissed her fiance. And what was all that whispering going on downstairs between them and Spencer heard Ian saying, "we're in this together." Something is fishy about those two. Could Melissa possibly know Ian did something to Allison? He was obviously with Allison in North Carolina that summer as we saw Spencer remembering the identical tags on Allison's and Ian's suitcases.

There was one secret from the first season I didn't forget it. Remeber Spencer plagiarizes papers for school and she copied Melissa's paper. I wonder if that will come out.

Now moving on to Ezra (Mr. Fitz) and Aria. I find them so cute together. Fresh romance is the best time in a relationship. But c'mon Aria you can't mess around with your teacher and you're not sneaking around good enough. Props to Mr. Fitz for not giving in to Ian's blackmail. The girls called 'A' a "frenemy" after Ian was stopped in the hallway by the principal for cheating. I feel like that happened for a reason, whoever 'A' is doesn't want people to know about Mr. Fitz and Aria's relationship just yet.

Click on the link below for a sneak peak into next weeks episode:
Allison knew many secrets and had a lot of people after her because of it. This makes a lot of characters suspicious. What kind of friend was Allison for leaving behind so many secrets. It's like her "friends" didn't even know about the things that happened in her life.

I can't wait for next week!