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For all the Fans of the Game...

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Over 7 million viewers watched the priemere of The Game last week. But do these same fans feel the same about the show? Many fans are feeling like The Game fell off.

I must admit nothing is like those previous seasons with all the drama. I don't even know how many times I watched the dvd's of seasons 1, 2 & 3. But with the show picking back up and starting off as two years later, it does seem like the show lost its spice just a little.

I liked when Jason and Kelly were married and when Kelly had long hair. I don't like her character so far. Even when they were just seperated it was cool. This new Kelly after the divorce, acting like a gold digger and being followed by cameras doesn't cut it for me.

I am glad Kelly and Tasha made up which I knew would happen. The show can't go on with them not being friends. I like Tasha without Donte. I'm not really feeling Terrance J so far playing the younger lover.

Malik has lost it this season and it just started. We know he is a rich jerk, but sleeping with the managers wife and having Tee-Tee's girl in the hot tub was too much.

Now with a kid in the scene it seems like the triangle of Derwin, Melanie and Janay will focus around that. I liked it better before Derwin and Janay's baby was born. I feel like so far they are a little boring to me and everything is focused around the baby.

Now the show is said to have the same writers so maybe the episodes will get better. I also heard the budget of the show got cut down when it moved to BET. I'm still excited that the show has returned and I'll continue to watch but with all the hype about this fourth season I thought it would be better than before. I also think the show should be an hour long because 30 minutes with commercials is just a tease.