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Throwback Thursday's-For the 80's Babies

Hey whatever happened to:

-The Box? I used to watch a lot of music videos on there.
-Steve Urkel? Does he still act?
-Fubu clothing? Do people still wear that name brand?
-All the boy bands and girl groups?
-Real cartoons? Yeah I like spongebob, but nothing is like the cartoons from the 80's and 90's.
-TGIF which used to show Boy Meets World, Family Matters, and Step by Step.
-swatch watches?
-yo yo's? Do kids nowadays know what that is?
-when kissing someone was a big deal?
-basketball jerseys? I know athletes wear them but I don't see other people wearing them as much anymore.
-mood rings?
-friendship bracelets?
-Vanilla Ice?
-jelly sandals
-chia pets? Those commercials used to come on all the time.
-WWF? I know it changed to WWE but what happened to when wrestling was good?
-giga pets? Remember those..Girls were serious about taking care of their pets in middle school.

I can go on and on..feel free to post some more 80's and 90's memories. And if you don't know what I just listed you weren't born during this time period.


  1. o remember nano babies! I was just talking about them the other day. If they ever come back out im getting five to stock up for later in serious!

  2. I still have mine somewhere. I used to walk around with like a key chain full of them and they always died on me lol

  3. HAHA I used to love Giga pets! And dag I forgot about The Box, def a throwback!


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