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Basketball Wives-Madrid Part II The (Fake) Circle

The Madrid trip comes to an end as these ladies live the glamorous life as ex-basketball wives and fiance's.

And Tami sets things straight. Royce being the tattle tale that she is tells the ladies that her "friend" Suzie said Tami was messy.

Oh Oh!

Tami does not take anyone's crap as she confronts the circle and Suzie (later during the show) on talking about her. If you got something to say about Tami then you better say it to Tami's face. 

The ladies then wined and dined at a Spanish restaurant, the oldest one in Madrid, where they were traumatized by a full cooked pig that was served to them. I didn't understand Tami with all the dramatics over the cooked pig being that she loves to watch bullfights.

Royce a.k.a
Ms. Diarrhea at the mouth -Evelyn says
Afterwards Royce finally grows out of her funk when she dances on stage with the flamenco dancers. She then has a talk with Shaunie and they resolve their issues. So everybody is happy again. Not!

"Drama follows us everywhere but the good part is we usually get over it," Shaunie says.

Well  they're not getting over the drama with Suzie vs. the circle and now there's two against Suzie as she keeps getting further and further in trouble with these ladies.

Royce went to warn Suzie that she told Tami what she said. Suzie said she didn't care and she's not trying to be apart of the circle anyway.

Ok these two are meant to be friends, both can't seem to keep their mouths shut.

More on the show:
I love how Evelyn's wedding dress turned into a "freak-um" dress lol. Royce and Dwayne look at diamond rings (no he didn't propose) and Royce says she wants a ring so big she wants her finger to weigh down.

Dwayne learns that the one she tries on is $95,000! The sales lady had to repeat the price to a shocked Dwayne.  It is true what Royce says, every girl wants a big ring. Bigger is better, right?

Jennifer gets a consultation done of her divorce. I'm happy for her because her ex-husband Eric Williams is not at all cute anyway.

The show down:
There were recent reports that Suzie won't be returning for the third season of Basketball Wives because shooting this current season drained a lot out of her, according to TMZ. 

I guess she couldn't take the spotlight, criticism, the haters and the mean girls of Miami anymore.

This episode ended with the fireworks between Tami and Suzie.

"You felt a need to speak about me, somebody you do not even know and that's how girls get their a$$ beat, girls around my way get f#ck*d up quick for that," Tami says to Suzie who was mixing up her stories.

"The way you take information back is what you need to put a filter on," Tami says.

What did Suzie do? She did what she knows how to do best; she walked away. She got up from the table and left.

My take on the friendships between these ladies seem FAKE, FAKE and more FAKE! Trash talking amongst friends is not cool. The true circle seems like Evelyn and Jen and sometimes Shaunie. Royce, Tami and Suzie sit along the outside looking in. 

On the next show, the season finale, Evelyn and Tami come to blows!