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Jazmine Sullivan's 'Not Good Enough' song aired on Basketball Wives

Who else first heard Jazmine Sullivan's song Not Good Enough on yesterday's Basketball Wives?

It was during the scene when Jennifer was going for her divorce consultation. The song definitely went with her moment.

I'm a fan of Jazmine Sullvan and I loveeeee this song. I of course had to You Tube it to play it again and again. I have Jazmine's first album, I didn't get the second one yet but I will soon.

"I can put my best dress on, get my hair all done for you and you still wouldn't say... I'm pretty..." -Sullivan's opening line in Not Good Enough.

This song which is on her sophmore album Love Me Back came out in November 2010. Supposedly record sales didn't do tell well for Jazmine and last month she announced she was taking a break from music on her Twitter account.

Is this for real? Don't take too long of a break Jazmine. I absolutely love music like this. Her voice is different and her songs are the truth.

In this song Not Good Enough she basically is tells the man if she isn't good enough well there's the door. It works both ways, for men and women.

"...If you don't want me someone else will... if I'm not good enough"

When the song first started the instrumentals reminded me of a Prince song. Take a listen: