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WTF Wednesdays!-Sexting

We're living in a world where technology has taken over and is a part of our everyday lives. Business spreads and gets around in seconds thanks to the internet.
Now there is a concern of what is called 'sexting',a combination of sex and texting.

According to The Record in an article that was wrtten about sexting recently, this is when teenagers send nude pictures of themselves or others through their cellphones or social networking sites. If they get caught doing it they could be charged with crimes including possession of child pornography!

Wow really though? Of sending pictures of yourself? Like obviously you gave yourself permission to send your pictures so why is it a crime to maybe send your boyfriend a sexy picture of yourself? I can see that this may be a problem if someone else posted a picture of you without your permission, taking a part in a malicious act.
There has even been an educational program introduced to legislation for first-time offenders that would serve as an alternative to prosecution, according to The Record.

Last year, a 14-year-old girl from North Jersey faced child pornography charges after she posted nude pictures of herself on MySpace. She received probation and was ordered to go to counseling, according to The Record. Wow this is serious.

When I was in high school we didn't do these things because beepers were still the cool thing to have. Boy times have changed.


Okay so maybe posting nude pictures on a social networking site is a little extreme and shouldn't be done. But for sending pictures through your cellphone or email, I say you just have to trust and know the person you are 'sexting' to and nobody should get caught doing anything.


  1. Sorry that I haven't been commenting. Stuff has been crazy...

    We went to hs together and beepers were not the thing, lol. Maybe we didn't have picturemail but we def had texting. My prepaid had free texting.

  2. Beepers were def in Freshmen year. I remember stealing a black one from my house that didn't work just so I can rock it on my hip to look cool.

    Then the smaller beepers started becoming popular with the little gold chains. People started having cellphones more junior and senior year and we would get in trouble for having them with all the code whites.

    Now if you don't have a cell phone you're crazy lol.


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