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Alicia Keys & Beyonce Video

Beyonce (left) & Alicia Keys (right) in their old but new video

A young woman with her eyes closed, wearing a feathered dress that covers her chest, bares her shoulders and goes around her neck. Laid against a blue background, a white dove is seen flying behind her to the left. The name "Alicia Keys" is written to the right in white font and "The Element of Freedom" is written below that in dark blue font.Alicia Keys and Beyonce's song from last year, Put it in a Love Song will finally have a video to go along with it. It has been over a year since they delayed the video. This video was supposed to come out last summer after Alicia Keys Un-Thinkable music video.

The full release of Put it in a Love Song was supposed to be Alicia's fourth single off of her 2009 album The Element of Freedom but got pushed back to her fifth single so the Un-Thinkable song could be her fourth single and was released on the radio last January.

alicia k2 Alicia Keys & Beyonces Put It In A Love Song Video Postponed Again

If this video was pushed earlier the song would of had more airplay and would have been more popular. I like the song but I barely heard it on the radio.

These two music divas wrapped up the video shoot last year in Rio de Janeiro and we can expect to see the final product of their work soon.

I love that these two ladies have this song together and they look absolutely gorgeous in the pictures.

See a sneak peak that leaked on  the internet.

And it's really just a peak, they didn't give us much.