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Bobbi Kristina-Like Mother Like Daughter

Whitney Houston's teenage daughter, Bobbi Kristina has been blasted all over the internet lately. Now I see why on The Game Jason called his daughter Brittany a little Bobbi Kristina. There were pictures allegedly showing her snorting cocaine.
Bobbi Kristina then tweeted, "it's really not what it looks like."

In the above photos it looks as if she is just partying, but remember she is only 18!

It is also rumored that Bobbi Kristina says the leaked picture(to the left) was meant as a joke, but nothing is funny about that when both of your parents were drug addicts.

One of her former boyfriends went to the National Enquirer who snapped the drug using pics and told them that Bobbi Kristina admitted to being just like her mother and that she is addicted to cocaine. Wow!

In this photo MediaTakeOut catches her kissing another girl
Man she is getting some bad press

Bobbi Kristina then said she was set up and whoever did it should be ashamed, because people will do anything to make money nowadays.

Read what Bobby Brown has to say: