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Basketball Wives Reunion (Part I)

Last week on the explosive finale on Basketball Wives we saw the show ending with Evelyn basically telling Tami she didn't matter and nobody knew who she was when she was married to her ex-husband Kenny Anderson.

The reunion show picked up tonight with that fight and its safe to say Tami and Evelyn will not be cool anytime soon as they both admitted to not trusting one another. I must say for Evelyn to be in the wrong and come at Tami the way she did and to still have a jacked up attitude, she is so wrong.

You would think if you're going to tell a woman you slept with her husband you would be a little more understanding to her feelings. But nope "keep it real" Evelyn said on the reunion, "at this moment I can say I really don't give a shi*t" if Tami doesn't want to be in her space.

Then Tami responded, "so then I don't need to tell you that I f*cked Chad" (Evelyn's current football player man) as the audience got a good laugh off that line.

Then when Evelyn realized it was a joke she says, "And if you did I still wouldn't care." Yeah right Evelyn, I saw the pissed expression on your face when Tami said that. 

Read the latest on Evelyn here & how she wants off from the show

What tripped me on the reunion and on the show is how Royce is so slick with the mouth and these girls have yet to "pop off" on her. Tami and Evelyn's anger should of been towards gossip girl Royce.

And they always introduce Royce as former Miami and Orlando dancer only. She also has ties with basketball men as well as the show fails to mention that because supposedly she's unable to gossip about her former relationships.
Royce is seen pictured above with her and basketball player,
Dwight Howard's son

On the reunion Royce told everyone that her and her boyfriend on the show, Dwayne aren't together anymore saying they weren't really meshing.

Evelyn and Chad Ochocinco are engaged and Evelyn showed her huge diamond ring, which she tweeted a photo of at the end of last year. The two started talking while Ochocinco was supposed to be looking for a girl on his former reality show Ultimate Catch.

Evelyn's engagement ring

Host of the reunion, ex-basketball player John Salley asked Jennifer and Royce if they thought Evelyn and Ochocinco are the real deal.

Jennifer of course answered yes like the good best friend she is. Royce said no she doesn't believe it and that's it's a big media thing.

"Everytime I see something about them it's on TMZ," Royce responds.

Retired Boston basketball player and Jennifer's ex-husband, Eric Williams left a message for Jennifer on the reunion and says Jennifer and him most likely won't be friends after everything settles.

"Certain things in life, God blessed you a certain way and through my success, us being together and she's been my wife, she got blessings from the success I received, being a professional athlete. Hopefully life after this is better than the life that you had with me. Take care," he says in his message to Jennifer.

Jennifer made a public announcement four days prior to the reunion show that her and Eric are getting a divorce.

That sure is a long process because they tape the show way in advance so for them to still be going through the divorce process seems to me that Jennifer doesn't want to let go.

What Eric said in his message is so true because all of these ladies have had a cushy lifestyle thanks to their ex-husbands/boyfriends success. Jennifer says she is so many more things then Eric WIlliams future ex-wife and that shouldn't define her.

Yes these ladies were apart of their success, but that is the reason they even have the show in the first place. Royce said she has her own identity and that she doesn't need a man. Ohhh of course you don't Royce, sure.

I haven't said anything about Suzie who supposedly will not be joining the ladies on season 3. But she will be joining them on part II of the reunion tomorrow, as well as Gloria. Evelyn and Royce also get into it, oh oh more drama!