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Man Gets Slashed Over Confrontation on Bus

A horrifying attack happened recently in Clifton, New Jersey which further makes me never want to take any form of public transportation ever again.

It started when the victim asked the attacker to move his feet out of the isle, according to CBS News. In the end the victim got his forehead slashed.

This is crazy. It's already bad enough having to ride the bus and deal with the crowds, odors and ignorant people who don't have simple bus courtesy.

Now you don't even know who can be on the bus ride home with you. The person sitting next to you can be crazy and just ready to snap.

(Read below for the update)

Police say an argument sparked a brutal knife attack on a commuter van in Clifton, New Jersey. (Credit: CBS 2)
Photo taken from CBS 2
The surveillance video on the commuter dollar van shows
a man arguing with a male passenger who had just gotten on and the two get into a scuffle

The attacker, along with a woman he was with fled the scene. But not to worry they got caught, before what it was believed, going to another state. An anonymous tip led to their arrest.

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