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Gas Prices are Breaking Pockets

The highest price of gas I've seen so far in New Jersey
 So I'm driving pass this gas station today, where I go to frequently and I could've sworn the gas here was just three twenty something the other day! WTF!

Gas prices are rising but not my salary, something needs to happen. Now when I get gas I now find myself telling the gas attendant an exact amount to put in or if I do fill up I'm watching the dollars increase like crazy. Even the cheapest gas is expensive averaging out to around $3.29.

"The Sunoco station on one of Jersey’s most traveled roads, like the rest of the gas stations along the GSP and New Jersey Turnpike, is only allowed to hike prices once a week based off a survey of gas prices around the state, according to officials." - NBC Philadelphia

I complain about paying $27.00 to fill up my tank and people look at me like I'm crazy. I drive a small car ok, so $27.00 is a lot to me. When I first got this car in 2004 it only cost me $16.00 to fill up!

At this rate gas can be like what? $5.00 by next year!? Not cool. But I have to drive so there's nothing to do about it but hope they slide back down.

Check out this link from NBC that leads to finding the cheapest gas prices in Jersey:


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