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Tell It Tuesdays-Dollar Stores No Deal

While dollar stores may seem like a good place to shop for cheaper items there are things you just shouldn't buy there. 

Cleaning supplies, greeting cards, holiday items, party supplies and yes even pregnancy tests are actually okay to buy at dollar stores but take a look at some of these no deals taken from Yahoo:

Vitamins: NO DEAL

Consumer Reports found that dollar-store multi-vitamins didn't always have the amount of nutrients claimed on the label. And others didn't dissolve fast enough to be absorbed by the body. You may be better off getting vitamins from a well-known store brand, such as Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS.

Basic school supplies: NO DEAL

While the dollar store has decent deals on many school supplies, prices at Walmart are better.

For pencils, notebooks, highlighters, crayons, glue sticks, scissors, sticky notes and more, it's best to stock up when they go on sale during back-to-school season (August-September).

Aspirin, ibuprofin and other medications: NO DEAL

Consumer Reports warns that aspirin and other medications may be left on the shelf past their expiration dates. It also points out that some labels may not say where the medicine was manufactured.

While there haven't been any safety concerns about dollar-store meds, generic aspirin from your local pharmacy or supermarket is probably a better bet -- and may not cost too much more.


Many dollar-store toys are cheaply made and they can be dangerous when they break. Baby toys should generally be avoided because they will go directly into the mouth, and dollar-store toys may have unsafe levels of lead and phthalates, which are a class of chemicals found in soft plastics.

Canned food and other pantry items: NO DEAL

You may be able to get these cheaper elsewhere. For example,  nearby dollar store sells Green Giant canned vegetables and Goya beans for $1 a can.

But the exact same items can be found at Walmart for less, and generic brands at even bigger savings. Dollar-store cake and brownie mixes come in smaller packages so watch the unit price.

Also, you should keep an eye on the expiration dates on food at the dollar store. They may be near or past their freshness date.

Batteries and electronics: NO DEAL

Consumer Reports warns that dollar store electronics and extension cords may have fake UL labels and could be unsafe. It's better to spend a little extra for quality and safety.

Also, cheap batteries may be prone to leakage, or may not run your gadgets as long as pricier brands. Many dollar stores sell carbon-zinc batteries which are less efficient than the alkaline variety.

*** Dollar store sources taken from Yahoo