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The Game Finale & a Season 5?

Pooch Hall, Hosea Chanchez, Barry Floyd (Tee Tee) and actress/model Tika Sumpter (Malik's girlfriend Jenna Rice) were on yesterdays 106 & Park before The Game season finale started.

There is talk of a season 5 but nothing is official yet. Pooch said he would like to see a little more time added to the episodes so the story can be told in its entirety. "I would love to see a true hour for The Game," he says.

Well I'm glad he thinks that because many of the fans would love to see a full hour of the show as well.

"I cant see them not doing a season 5 with the way we killed this season," Barry Floyd said.


-The finale starts off with Derwin and Melanie having baby talk in the bathroom mirror.

-Tasha says she will be representing Malik again. Derwin tells Melanie he doesn't want Tasha managing the both of them at the same time, he wants to protect the "legacy".

-Tasha runs into her lover/Bucket List Man Bo or as we find out his name is Ronnie and he has two kids. Another failed relationship for Tasha.

- Malik sets up a fake photo shoot for Jenna so he can see her. She gets bummed out that the photo shoot is fake and later on drives to Malik's house and stumbles out the car. Malik runs outside to see her, but she's drunk. Oh boy, somebody needs to go back to rehab.

Malik and his mother just cant get it together with relationships. Just when I started liking Dante's character him and Tasha aren't together anymore and just when Malik finds love, he messes up and Jenna doesn't want him back.

- Melanie meets with Tasha to talk about Malik and Derwin and winds up firing her in the end. "Your druggie son is done everywhere...I was trying to be nice and civilized but your too crazy for that, you're fired!" she says to Tasha. Ouch!

- Cheapo Jason meets with Derwin for lunch and winds up meeting the Sabers new quarter back, the one to replace Malik. Little does Jason know the new QB is Camille's (Stacey Dash) new man.

Camille makes an appearance and chats it up with Jason, they decide on lunch. Cocky Jason thinks they'll hook up until he see's her with the new QB, now that was funny.

What's going to happen to these two?
- The show ends with Derwin and Melanie visiting a fertility specialist. The doctor starts naming a list of things as to what could be the reason for Melanie not getting pregnant.

He then mentions abortion and she says definitely not. Derwin's face completely changes because he knows his woman.

The doctor steps out the room and then BOOOOM!

Derwin asks Melanie if the abortion was his and she looks at him in shock but doesn't answer and then that's it, the show is over. 

- The season ends with B.O.B's song, Don't Let Me Fall the same song that played in the very first scene of season 4 with Derwin walking through the crowd and cameras.

.......Well it was just a dream. Just a moment ago. I was up so high. Looking down at the sky. Don't let me fall. I was shooting for stars...... I really like that song.

My Opinion:

First off the show is "The Game". All the men were playing football and then the Sabers let Jason go and now Malik? So what does Jason do? And what is Malik going to do?

The show has so many missing plot lines. What happens to Malik and Jenna? Where the hell did Kelly go? Whats up with her and Jason's daughter Brittany? And the big shocker...Melanie had an abortion but whose baby was it? She did sleep with three other previous men after her and Derwin broke up the first time... hmmmm.

Okay BET really needs a season 5 now. I want some answers! And I always wanted to know who told Derwin that Melanie was sleeping with the doctor McHottie, do you remember that? That was never answered, how did Derwin know?

And Kelly was M.I.A for most of the season, I didn't liike that. They could have made her character more involved with Jason and have them hook up or something, but we didn't see any of that. Instead Kelly was just followed around by her camera crew for her reality show...corny.

They played out Tasha Mack's ghetto role to the fullest this season with the weed episode and her always talking about her weave. Can she just find a man and stay with him. I thought Dante was the one to put her in her place but he didn't last.

My favorite part of the finale was Jason's little part with Derwin. Him being cheap never gets old and it's funny. "... I'll take dessert backsies." Lol.

So all in all I was not satisfied with the season finale. I'm glad BET brought the show back but I had very high expectations and expected season 4 to outdo the previous seasons and that didn't happen.

What did you think of the finale?

If you missed any episodes of season 4 The Game a marathon starts on BET on April 2, beginning at 2 p.m.

You can also check out Pooch Hall and Meagan Good in the new movie Jumping the Broom in theaters May 6.

Missed the finale? Catch it here: