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WTF Wednesdays!-Not Being Able to Blink

Have you heard the recent news about the North Jersey woman who sued her plastic surgeon because she is now left unable to blink?

Sounds crazy right?

I asked myself...Don't you just have to blink? And how are you able to sleep if you can't close your eyelids?

According to, the woman  had a procedure done to her eyes to remove some bumps caused by scarring from a previous surgery done years before by a different doctor.

Bumps on eyelids?? I hope she sued the previous doctor too.

Her recent surgeon then performed an examination to be sure there was enough excess skin on her eyelids to allow for removal of some of that skin, while still leaving enough for the patient to close her eyes, according to

And now the woman says she has trouble doing certain tasks like sleeping of course, and watching TV or even looking at a computer screen.

Just imagine not being able to fully close your eyes. Have you ever had a starring contest and tried not to be the first to blink?

But then your eyes can't help it they have to close at some point as they start to irritate you and get dry. Yikes, I feel sorry for her.

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