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106 & Park Freestyle Friday Finals: Moon vs. Blind Fury

The underdog Moon versus the undefeated Blind Fury

So I've been keeping up with Freestyle Fridays and I hate to be the one to say this because I know there are so many Blind Fury fans out there... I think he's really good and talented but a tad bit overrated.

The crowd hyped him up way too much and I feel like Moon had no chance of winning before the battle even begun.

Moon, straight out of Jersey has that rough, street flow when he raps. Terrance even said that Moon's flow feels like a fight is going to jump off.

Then there's Blind Fury, alittle more calm but really smart with his rhymes, does great impressions and also can sing.

Not only does Blind Fury throw shots in the battles but outside as well calling Moon a DMX rip off and a Mystikal copy cat when Rocsi asked him what he thought off his competition, "I think Moon is very funny, I think he's still very young and he didn't get enough spankings and time outs in his life."
Blind Fury won all four votes on Friday from the judges; Swizz Beatz, Jada Kiss, Styles P and Jim Jones as well as the fifth vote owning 86.2% of the viewer votes.

When the judges were saying their comments afterwards, Styles P and Jim Jones both said Moon was a nice emcee but something is very special about Blind Fury which is hard to beat.

Jim Jones goes on to say, "Blind Fury is a special type of person that's a clean cheat, he's cheating actually," pointing out when Blind Fury is moving his fingers in the battles.

We all know Blind Fury can't see and if you ever noticed throughout all his battles it looks like he's counting on his fingers. Well he actually is, he's counting the number of bars while he's rapping.

Even though Moon lost I believe this is not the last we'll see or hear of him.

We'll see Blind Fury again this year during the BET awards as he gets to make an appearance on the cypher, the top prize of winning the finals.

Some of my favorite lines in the final battle:

Round 1
Blind Fury: "You messing around with a goon, I'ma be Diddy and you can be Loon."

Round 2
Blind Fury: "And while we're on the subject do something with your breath, you're rapping to the blind, you aint spitting to the death."

Round 3
Moon: "You're now looking at a vet in his prime only way you catch me slipping is if im slipping in your mom. The crowd love you but it's only cuz you blind, since you can't see picture this up in your mind, I am in your face with my finger out, what you gon' do, that's something you should think about."

Watch Moon and Blind Fury below:


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