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Toni Braxton's New Reality Show-The Scoop

Toni Braxton, her four sisters and her mother all star in a new reality show Braxton Family Values premiering Tuesday, April 12 on WE TVt 9 p.m.

I watched a version of the first episode "The Bermuda Triangle" last week and I must say the show is good so far.

The past couple of years has been rough on Toni Braxton as she goes on to say, "seeing my name splashed across the tabloid next to the word bankrupt isn't exactly my way of maintaining the spotlight."

So now she's ready to start fresh by relaunching her music career and putting her problems behind as well as her recent divorce from Keri Lewis, former member of the R&B group, Mint Condition. 

In the first episode Toni performs for a fundraiser in Bermuda to raise money for autism awareness and she asks her sisters to join her.

Toni Braxton (center), her sisters and her mother (bottom right)

Her youngest sister Tamar is a hot mess and she calls herself "one of the doppest singers in the world." 

She's married to a well-known producer in the music industry, Vincent Herbert who is also Toni's manager. 

Throughout the show you'll constantly hear this sister complaining about being a background singer for Toni and she wants to be in the spotlight now. 

She recorded a solo album in 2000 which didn't do as well as her sisters former hits and now she's trying to get back in the front and use her husband to do it. 

Tamar said she wants to sing at least a hook on a song of one of her husbands artists, like Lady Gaga. But her husband is hesitant to manage his wife saying her music career is already bad because she doesn't listen.

"I want to be known as Tamar not Toni Braxton's sister and especially not known as Toni Braxton's background singer," she says.

How many little sisters do we know who go into the music industry after their older sibling...lots. And they usually are in the shadow of their older sister. Take for example; Solange and Ashlee Simpson. So yeah that's Tamar.

Trina, who may have a slight drinking problem is Toni's other background sister. She says, "whenever Tamar speaks its like you're going to the city dump. You never know what crap you're going to encounter."

Traci who feels like she doesn't belong calls herself the "Jan Brady" of the family. She's the sister who got pregnant at a young age and had to stop singing when the five sisters formed a singing group back in the day.

She said, they were offered a recording deal as a group and her sisters went on without her when she got pregnant. Then the group turned into a trio called The Braxtons and she hasn't sung since then.

So Traci tends to get emotional whenever she see's her sisters perform and she gets mad when Tamar complains about singing in the background.

"I have my own problems, I'm trying to get my career off the ground and I'm not the human resources for background singers of America," Tamar says refering to an argument her and Traci had in the first episode.

Then there's Towanda, she used to be one of Toni's background singers and says she is now Toni's personal blackberry who has to constantly remind her of her own schedule.

When the sisters get to Bermuda, Toni stays in to sleep and the other four sisters go out and start gossiping. Towanda reveals that she's living with her husband but they both date other people. She says they're more like roommates; they sleep in seperate rooms, anyone they mess with isn't allowed back to their house so the kids don't see them with other people and they're in a marriage of convenience now. Wow, what a marriage!

I say tune in tomorrow to watch the family drama unfold. In the second episode Trina confesses that she was arrested for a DUI and Towanda gets fed up with her "roommate" of a husband.