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America's Best Dance Crew: Katy Perry Challenge

In this weeks Katy Perry challenge on ABDC, the crew who I thought stepped it up and did the best is...wait it's a tie: IaMmE and Street Kingdom!

But first, lets get into the other groups...

Phunk Phenomenon
Phunk Phenomenon was the first crew called this week and also my pick last week as they stepped it up and killed their performance, especially with that slow motion add in.

This week they performed to one of my favorite Katy Perry songs, "Waking Up in Vegas." 

Their challenge was to create a roulette wheel on stage, I thought looked hot! One of them did a head spin in the middle and then they flung one of the dance members off the stage then back onto the stage, it was crazy.

During judging, Lil' Mama called them the most slept on powerful group of the show.

IaMmE executed their challenge very well, which was fanning out like a Peacock which they did throughout the whole performance and incorporated it into different dances. Their popping and tutting moves were hot.

 787 Crew danced to "Hot and Cold" where their challenge was to create a roller coaster. They got creative towards the end, incorporating one of their injured dance members in a wheelchair as part of their closing.

They used him to create the roller coaster as he wheeled past the teammates who were flipping in the air and unto the floor.

787 Crew

ICONic Boyz this Jersey shore crew had to create a wall and break it down to "Teenage Dream" as their challenge.

D-Trix said, "honestly It wasn't that good. You guys are adorable but it takes more than that to be Americas best dance crew."

D-Trix said the ICONic Boyz weren't as clever as the other crews in their challenge, and I agree with him on this one, I also didn't find myself as excited watching them this week.

The two senior judges, JC Chasez and Lil' Mama disagreed with newcomer D-Trix saying it's about performance and giving the crowd what they want.

Lil' Mama said, "I don't care what nobody says, you're still my babies and ya'll have swag for days." 

I had a feeling their age would play into the competition sooner or later. 

One member in Instant Noodles
showing off his ballet skills
Instant Noodles had to create a chain reaction to explode through the other members in the song "Fireworks" where they utilized bee-boy poses to create fireworks in their dance. I also loved their ballet moment.

Street Kingdom and ReQuest both winded up being in the bottom two. The krumpers, Street Kingdom failed to impress the judges last week and the all girl group, ReQuest, who I thought did a good job last week, winded up fighting to prove themselves again.

ReQuest's challenge was to create a wave to "California Girls" and Street Kingdom's challenge was to create a space ship to Katy perry's new hit song "E.T" and this song was meant for them, their krumping style matched to the beat of the song.

A tearful D-Trix called Street Kingdom's performance the best he's ever seen in his life. "The passion is beyond dance, beyond love, it's beyond all that." he says to the group about krumping.

It was a great battle between both crews and in the end it was ReQuest who had to "walk it out" off the stage as they were eliminated.

Check out Street Kingdom's performance as they build a human space ship for this weeks challenge:

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