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Waiting to Exhale-The Sequel

So I was watching the Wendy Williams show recently and she confirmed that it is official...there will be a part 2 to Waiting to Exhale.

I've heard on The Mo'Nique Show ahwile ago when author, Terry McMillan was on the show that there was interest in turning this 1995 movie into a sequel.

What started as a book by Terry McMillan, Waiting to Exhale turned into a movie that captivated audiences in the 90's.

I was too young to watch the movie when it first came out, but of course I saw it later on.

The sequel will be based on McMillan's follow up novel Getting to Happy that was released last year. The book continues with the latest adventures of the Waiting to Exhale characters; Bernadine, Savannah, Gloria and Robin.

McMillan tweeted, "We are working on the script for HAPPY. Will know in about a month or so when we'll begin production. Probably on screens in 2012."

Who can forget this scene in Waiting to Exhale
I love this part lol
Reports say, Angela Bassett and Loretta Devine are confirmed as picking up their previous roles as Bernadine and Gloria.

Whitney Houston and Lela Rochon have not yet confirmed or denied being apart of the sequel.

C'mon ladies! We need all four originals back in the sequel, it won't be the same without Whitney and Lela.