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Bad Girls Club: Wilmarie is Not to be Messed With & Season 7?

How annoying is Nikki? Week to week she grows more annoying after every time she is shown throughout the show and now we have someone to put this "Army of One" chick in her place. Wilmarie!

The many pranks of Nikki
The fight between them was great. Wilmarie pounded Nikki repeatedly and the crazy thing is that Nikki seems to enjoy it as she said before, this is all just a game to her.

So is Nikki holding back? Being a football player and all I thought she would destroy someone in a fight.

A topless Wilmarie has enough and chokes Nikki
Wow! I can see the anger in Wilmarie's face

And how many rounds did Wilmarie and Nikki have so far? Like 3 now? And they're both in the house. Whatever happened to the "no touch" rule.

We've never seen this many fights between the same two people in previous Bad Girl seasons and yet these two ladies continue to beat up each other and are able to stay in the house afterwards.

And how phony was that night out with Nikki and Char? Char kills me, notice how she is quick to watch a fight and grab her popcorn and soda like she's about to watch a movie.

These ladies are still blind to the fact that she's playing them all. Char is the only one in that house who has not gotten into a fight yet. Jessica and Kori, Char's "minions" have fought her previous battles and I think it's time to see what Char is all about.

Maybe next week, when Sydney, the chick with the red hair, returns for a photo shoot with the other bad girls, things will spice up for Char. If you remember, Sydney is not to fond of her.
Well we're one week closer to the Bad Girls Club Season Finale, which I'm sure will be explosive and the stage will be packed, as it seems that house saw a new girl every other week.

Next Monday is the finale of BGC season 6 but we won't be missing Bad Girls Club for long, supposedly Season 7 is coming shortly or a Bad Girls Club boot camp sometime this summer. I'm not very sure how much truth is to that but I'll keep you posted.

Bad Girls Club Boot Camp?

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