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Love Games is Back! - Premiere Recap

Three new Bad Girls are back in season 2 of Love Games and they are, I guess, looking for love.

Miss "I Run L.A." Natalie Nunn tried to take over the house like she took over part of her season of the Bad Girls Club, but Lea from last season was not having it. And the third girl is what's her name? Oh yeah...Amber, from season 3 who seems as if she doesn't have a voice. I forget that she's apart of the show sometimes.

New rules were added as the ladies found out they would also compete in games like the men.

Host of the show, the baddest girl of them all, Tanisha, from season 2, directed the girls in their first challenge in which they had to kiss the guys. The twist was, the guys couldn't see which girl they were kissing and had to choose which girl kissed the best.

Lea, who had no problem slipping these boys a little tongue, winded up winning the challenge and was pronounced HBIC (Head B*tch In Charge).

Having this title gave her total control over which guys would be in the bottom three and up for elimination. Lea was also awarded V.I.P treatment when her, Natalie and Amber went out along with dates. Natalie was pissed that she wasn't being offered V.I.P services.

These ladies quickly marked their territory in the house of which guy was theirs. Lea and Ryan, both tatted up, made a quick connection.

We also found out one of exes of a Jersey Shore cast member is on there. If you watch Jersey Shore, remember Snooki's ex. Emilio, the one she always argued with over the phone? Well he's now looking for love and is not afraid to say he used to date Snooki.

Natalie tried to get everybody on her team but in the end three of her guys were up for elimination; Greg, Eduardo and Matthew.

A pissed off Natalie was not feeling that and of course threw a temper.

When it came down to choosing she promised Greg and Eduardo she wouldn't eliminate them. Amber wanted Matthew to stay, the boy who cleans the house and cooks for the ladies, and Greg was the first guy eliminated.

Natalie quickly learned that Lea was out to get her and says she won't be fooled again.

So who do you think will win it all in the end?

Natalie says she runs everything but Lea is a feisty one, so I'm going to go with her. Amber reminds me of the other Amber who was on the first Love Games, and if this is like the first season, she can possibly be eliminated first.

Let the Games begin!