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Check Me Out On This Radio Show on Thursday

The Buki Show "POP culture THROWDOWN!!!"

Hosted: by Buki Elegbede, Special Guest: Me!

What we're going to talk about...

"Lindsay Lohan is going to jail AGAIN...Charlie Sheen has reached a whole new level of loser...and the new slogan at McDonalds is "Would you like a beat down with that?" It’s a pop culture extravaganza like you’ve never heard before. No topic will be spared and no one is safe.

Join me and my very extra special co-host, killer blogger, reporter, and pop culture junkie Lanette Espy as we tackle all the hot topics, juicy dish, and outrageous trains wrecks of the week.Get your Facebooks ready, blogs up, twitter accounts tweeting because you don’t want to miss this hour."

That’s all this Thursday 4/28 4PM eastern
Only at:

Listen and call in! Ask us questions: 973-353-5746

- Buki is currently the host of The Buki Show which airs Thursdays from 4-5PM. Listen in and check him out as he covers hot topics, and everyday issues.

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