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Natalie Gets Played This Week on Love Games 2

This week on Love Games: Natalie punches Amber in the face! But first....

Natalie realizes Lea is playing the game dirty and starts giving orders. She has some of the men move all her stuff out of the girls rooms into the guys room because she doesn't want to sleep in the same room as Lea and Amber anymore.

Lea says, "Natalie is only moving her bed downstairs because she's so desperate for attention and she has no other option."

But Natalie says, "After the sh*t Lea pulled last night I gotta watch my back." She says this is a challenge so why should she have to sleep with the girls, she rather room with the boys.

For the HBIC challenge, the men were broken down into groups of three and had to treat the girls like royal princess in a relay race; feed them grapes, paint their toenails, carry them on a thrown and then crown them. Amber and her team were the first ones to cross the finish line and she became the new HBIC.

Robert R. then moves his bed upstairs to bunk with the girls in place of Natalie which pisses Natalie off! Lea knows Natalie would be mad because she thinks he is cute.

Preppy boy, Taylor starts to like Natalie who gives him his first ethnic kiss, so they call it. The boys start to see Taylor as a threat as him and Natalie start to cozy up, then his confidence sky rockets.

"Everybody picking on Taylor is not cool, just because he's the little Carlton doesn't mean he has to get picked on all day long," Natalie says.

Natalie then helps Taylor wash off a bunch of random crap that the other boys poured on him earlier and while in the shower, these two start making out.

I already know why Natalie likes him, because she can control him. Taylor is like her little puppy. Lea then starts making out with Robert R. in the hot tub infront of everybody.

Natalie then feels like since Amber is in charge she has to tear her down. Amber overhears Natalie talking crap about her of when she was on her season of the Bad Girls Club. It's probably a bad idea for Natalie to make fun of the girl who has the power at the moment. The girls then find out from host, Tanisha, that two guys will be eliminated instead of one.

Amber says to Natalie, "You're an ignorant b*tch"  and Amber confesses that she lied to get on the Bad Girls Club. Amber then asks Natalie how old she is and Natalie asks her back and says you're probably lying about your age, so Amber says you can check my I.D.

She then says, "lets look at your I.D, does it say male or female on there first." Ooooh shots fired as Amber calls Natalie a guy on the slick side. Check out little Miss Amber, not being the quite one anymore.

Lea also called Natalie a grimlin with a chin, hahahaa! 

Some guys decide after Natalie attackes Amber that they're done with Natalie, her drama and that Amber is the better, classier chick. Amber then decides to play the symapthy card on the guys. 

Cory B. decides not to go on his date with Natalie and says he lost a lot of respect for her. Then Amber winds up having more dudes on her side now.

"I wish it was you going home," Cory B. says to Natalie.

Don't these guys know going into this house they're dealing with chicks who were on the Bad Girls Club!?

"America respects a girl that keeps it real," Natalie says.

I want to see a fight between Lea and Natalie, that'll be a good one. The girls then go on their dates; Amber goes on a private date on the beach, Lea goes to the park with her tatted-up guy, Ryan, while Natalie decides not to go on a date anymore and stays at home with the rest of the guys.

Elimination comes and Amber decides to put all the guys on 'Team Natalie' on the chopping block to go home. And like last week, once again Natalie's guys are up for elimination; Eduardo, Robert A. and Taylor.

Robert A
Lea says she wants Taylor to stay which is shocking since him and Natalie have a strong connection.

In the end it was Robert A. and Eduardo who got sent home. 

I liked Eduardo too, oh well. And just like one of the guys said, they better keep an eye on that Taylor, he seems a little sneaky. I also have some advice for some challenges!


  1. Eduardo Is Fuking Sexy Ass Hell . He Was My Favorite. I No Longer Watch The Show Because Hes Gone.

  2. I def agree, he was a cutie. I still watch tho, I'm dying to see who wins in the end and which girl.

  3. Its a few episodes down the line now and I desperately want Natalie to go home and Taylor to follow right along with her. I can’t stand anything that Natalie does and she is so disrespectful. Now she knows how it feels to be on the bottom because she never wins and the dance challenge was definitely a fluke. Normally on Monday nights, I’m not at home to watch the show but thankfully, I have the DISH Remote Access app with DISH Network to help me. The app, along with my Sling Adapter, allows me to watch live and pre-recorded shows and I don’t even have to be at home. The app comes with a free download and is compatible with Apple and Android Mobile Devices. Instead of me sitting at home and watching the TV, I can be in an airport, a bus or just taking a brisk walk home. I absolutely love it and since I also work and subscribe to DISH Network, I’m always recommending that people check it out because it’s well worth it!


  4. I still think Lea will win it all in the end and I think Taylor is playing Natalie


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