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Jagged Edge is Back With New Music

Jagged Edge was on 106 & Park yesterday featuring their new single "Baby" along with the new video from their album "The Remedy" that is supposed to drop June 21st. They haven't exactly gone anywhere, just on a hiatus for awhile with no new music.

"Baby" has the same beat from the song "Happy" by Surface.

I miss the days of these real, soulful, R&B groups, the girls groups and guy groups.

Dru Hill briefly came back but I haven't heard much about them lately. I heard the group Next is back with new music and that they're looking to start touring and I know Boyz II Men is still out and about doing their thing every now and then. 

Maybe we'll see a resurgence of all the R&B groups!

Jagged Edge also said on yesterday's show that they look forward to touring soon.