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The Real World: Dustin's Secret is Out & Shocks the Roommates

Recap of this weeks Real World: You think you know somebody...

In case you did not know, let this week of the Real World teach us that Google is a powerful tool and that it's hard to hide from the internet nowadays.

So former roommate, Adam, calls up the house and tells Nany that one of the roommates used to do porn! 

Adam spills the beans that Dustin was into porn, it's on the internet and that Dustin's name on the video is "Spencer". Nany quickly runs and tells Naomi the news.

"It is very hard for me to not tell Heather because I can't keep a secret..." Naomi says.

Wow that's pretty bad when you don't know about your boyfriends past, especially something like that.

So Heather finds out, not from Naomi or Nany but from her mother! Her mom sends her an email revealing Dustin's secret.

Heather also stated on a previous show that a bisexual man is weird and that she couldn't hook up with a guy who hooked up with another guy, "It's not someone you want to be in a relationship with," she previously said.

So a tearful Heather goes to Dustin and asks him, "Is there anything you haven't told me?"

Dustin gets nervous that Heather knows his secret and steps out the house real quick. Before he gets back the girls; Nany, Naomi and Heather are all talking about it already. They try to comfort Heather and Nany says it's disguisting how Dustin has yet to tell Heather but he sleeps with her every night and tries to act like her boyrfirned.

The girls then watch the website that Dustin was on to check out what his past was like and see that it's gay porn!

"The person I'm looking at on that website is not the person I'm getting so close to. I feel sick right now," Heather says.

Nany then tells Heather, if Dustin can lie to her about that then he can lie to her about anything. So then Dustin gets back to the house and explains his case to Heather...

He said after he graduated he was approached by a guy on the website about a show with a webcam following him and other straight guys for four hours a day, even in the showers. Dustin says there were straight guys on the show who masterbated and that he touched a guy on another video but says that he's not gay or bi-sexual.

Then Dustin goes on to explain how it was hard for him to have a normal life and that was his way of "getting out" and escaping and blah, blah, blah...

So Dustin later says that he participated in giving oral sex to one guy on the video and says once again he's not gay, it was a one time thing....umm that is still sex.

So what constitutes as being gay? Is having a one time act with a man or woman of the same sex, make someone gay? Does doing gay porn make someone gay?

The roommates all come to find out about Dustin's secret and start to feel funny around him, not knowing whether to feel sorry for him because Dustin starts to feel alienated or if they should feel mad at him for the fact that he kept a secret like that from them. Even the new roommmate, Cooke, is no longer feeling him. Dustin even said his own family doesn't know about the gay porn, well I bet they do now after watching the show.

Feeling the judgement from the other roommates, Dustin packs a bag a leaves for the night. Mike says it is not in Dustin's best interest to stay at the house.

When Dustin gets back he has a talk with everyone and Leroy asks him, "Who are you?"

Dustin says this doesn't make who he is. He even considered the guy in charge of the website a father figure and says doing that show gave him a lot of opportunities. Wow!

Heather then comes to a conclusion that her and Dustin's relationship is based on a lie and asks Dustin if she should get tested. Dustin says no and afterwards he leaves again! Mike says he doesn't respect him anymore and Leroy sasy Dustin staying will feel uncomfortable.

On the Real World Aftershow with host, Chet, a former Real World cast mate, Heather states this secret shifted her and Dustin's relationship but she didn't say they were over.

Dustin says to Chet, "Before I did the site I might of been a little homosexual ..." he quickly realizes he said the wrong word and clears it up, "... I might have been a little homophobic," he says laughing it off... Hmm..mmm.

Dustin seems like a hypocrite if you ask me, what do you think? Do you feel bad for him? Or do you think he deceived Heather and the rest of the roommates?

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  1. Im sorry but when a man sucks another mans penis He is Gay no matter what...because only a man who sucks another mans penis or even play with another mans penis whether experiencing or trying or knows about himself being gay proves you are gay or turn out being bisex but overall bisex is a real big prob and can be very dangerous and devastating to a gay guys life. This Dustin guy on the show has shown the example look what he did to this Heather devastated her and shes straight as they come and this guy Dustin Messed her up on that show what an idiot he is to this day I bet anyone that he will still like sucking the penis and im pretty sure that he will like the return to it as well a guy like him will never change but he will continue to make other men and women miserable in a relationship unless he decides for sure what sexual orientation he prefers.


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