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Wrestlemania 27-Triple H Taps Out & Undertaker is 19-0!

Forget all the other matches that happened last night on Wrestlemania, even the Cena and Miz match. I wasn't that impressed with the other matches, not even with The Rock making a return and hosting Wrestlemania 27.

Triple H and The Undertaker stole the show! They were the real main event as Undertaker keeps his streak bringing it to 19-0 and Triple H loses yet again to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Both were doing their signiture moves but Triple H's Pedigree couldn't stop the Undertaker as he kept kicked out.

Triple H was even yelling at the Undertaker, "stay down!"

I almost thought Triple H got him here

Triple H pushes Undertaker through
Michael Cole's little glass hut
Nothing was working for Triple H.

But Undertaker's Tombstone move and Chokeslam couldn't bring down Triple H. In this no holds barred match Triple H bangs The Undertaker with a steel chair numerous times and still could not bring this man down! I was even yelling at the TV like "just give up Triple H!"

So what's next? Good ol' Triple H gets the sledgehammer, oh boy! One of the announcers even says, "desperate times!"

But wait, he doesn't get a chance to use it! A very tired Undertaker makes his way to the ropes as Triple H drags him back into the center of the ring.

Then Undertaker brings Triple H down to his level, gives it all he has and puts him in the Hells Gate submission hold then Triple H drops the sledge hammer.

Ain't no way of getting out of that one!

Triple H tries and tries, he reaches for the sledge hammer and picks it up only drop it again as he gets weaker and weaker. The Undertaker keeps the hold on him which seems like it lasts forever resulting in Triple H having to tap out! I was shocked, I didn't think he would lose that way.

After all that talk, Triple H tapped out! His boy Shawn Michaels who was previously beaten by Taker told Triple H he couldn't win.

Sadly, Taker was so worn out after the match that he couldn't even celebrate his victory and stick his tongue out like he normally does. He was not moving at all and even had to be taken out on a stretcher.

So many questions...What's going to happen between these two? And will the Undertaker go for 20-0 next year in Wrestlemania? (which by the way will be taking place April 1, 2012 in Miami) Is the Undertaker ok? Will he come back to RAW soon? What does Triple H have to say about losing...again!?

Take a look below in this video (part 3) for the final finishes on this epic match: