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Young Money News-Nicki Minaj's Diss Song and More....

- Drake kicked out of Young Money...April Fools Joke?
- Lil' Wayne and Kelly Rowland's new song
- Nicki Minaj's diss song for Lil' Kim

Rumors have been swirling around for months about Drake being kicked out of Young Money and last night some internet buzz leaked about an argument between Drake, Baby and Lil' Wayne before a concert..supposedly.

Well nothing has been confirmed from either party so I'm not believing this quite yet. 

Lil' Wayne is also on Kelly Rowland's new song called Motivation. Look out for their new video on here soon.

And finally! I was waiting for Nicki Minaj to fire back at Lil' Kim's diss mixtape and video. She has a diss song out called Tragedy just for Kim. Click on the link below for more:

This will probably be the last picture we see of these two hugged up together