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America's Best Dance Crew: Minaj'd Out

This week the final four crews opened up with an amazing performance dancing to Nicki Minaj's "Massive Attack."

The four remaining crews perform to Nicki Minaj's "Massive Attack."
The crews opening performance
Photos by Mark Davis/PictureGroup

Nicki Minaj & Lil' Mama
The crews found out from Lil' Mama that they would be performing to Nicki Minaj songs. Nicki came out in person to tell the crews their challenges in which they would all have to incorporate her different characters on stage. She said she has a whole lot of "different persona's living inside of her."

The top two crews called first this week were IaMme and Iconic Boyz.

IaMme's challenge was to recreate a childhood game in their routine which is Nicki's persona she calls Cookie.

Performing to "Moment for Life" they created a jumprope, swingset and hop scotch game with their bodies and once again had a dope, creative opening as always.

IaMmE dances to "Moment 4 Life" by Nicki Minaj.
IaMme's human jumprope
D-Trix said IaMme took advantage of the challenge,"I have to be completely honest I was actually trying to look for mistakes this whole time, I didn't see not one mistake with this routine at all."

Iconic Boyz had to become living dolls and move like marionette puppets. Nicki says when she's feeling free spirited she becomes this Harajuku barbie.

Inconic Boyz did well with creating puppets and were funny but they're not too good with stunts yet.

I still think this crew needs to step it up and the judges need to stop judging by cuteness, nothing against there age but the older crews are way better.

The members of ICONic Boyz take the stage in hot pink suits.

"Overall this was a good performance for you guys, I don't think it was your greatest but it was good," JC said.

Street Kingdom was back in the bottom two for the third time this season and joining them this week was Phunk Phenomenon.

Host Mario Lopez asked Tight Eyez from Street Kingdom if his crew has what it takes to rise up again.

Tight Eyez said, "Well that's the story of my life rising out of adversary. I walk by faith and not by site so no matter what it looks like we can conquer."

Mario then asked Chris from Phunk Phenomenon how would him and his crew show the judges that they belong in the top three.

Chris responded, "We just gonna keep doing what we've been doing. We're gonna keep being us, we're gonna keep coming out here and going hot and we're just gonna be Phunk Phenomenon, thats all we wanted to be that's all we wanted to show on this show."

Nicki Minaj revealed to Phunk Phenonenom that their challenge would be Indian belly dancing steming from her alterego Nicki Teresa.

After landing in the bottom two, Phunk Phenomenon fights for survival.
Dancing to "My Chick Bad" I loved how the girl of the group played the part of Nicki Minaj by wearing the pink wig and doing the many different faces of Nicki. She immitated her well and Phunk Phenomenon had a very solid performance.

D-Trix gave Bebo, the bee-boy of the crew, some advice on body rolling since he is used to dancing hard.

D-Trix said it's easier to body roll when you picture caressing a girl because it's all about your mindset.

Street Kingdowm had to imitate Nicki's hardcore militant alterego and for their challenge they had to flex hard military drills withing their routine.

The members of Street Kingdom feel the pressure from the threat of elimination.Dancing to "Did it On 'Em" Street Kingdom transformed their performance into straight up boot camp.

Lil' Mama said Street Kingdom's performance started off slow but finished strong.

JC agreed and said they wasted like 20 seconds of their performance in the beginning then when they got into it they kicked it into high gear.

It sucks that it had to come down to these two crews but in the end it was Phunk Phenomenon that got saved to advance to the final three and Street Kingdom was eliminated.

"I believe inspiring on the show is more important than winning," Tight Eyez said.

I noticed any time a crew brings an unforgettable, different style they don't win anyway. It happened in past seasons; the rollerskating crew Breaksk8, the jump roping crew Saltare, the cloggers Dynamic edition, the stepping crew Strikers All-Stars and Ringmasters had their circus dance style.

Next week the crews will perform together again and dance to Kanye West songs.

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My favorite performance this week was Phunk Phenomenon's but instead of just showing their video, here's all the performances from last nights ABDC:

Who was your favorite crew this week? Who do you think will win in the end?