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The Real World: Dustin and Mike's Relationship Boils Over

This week on The Real World, the roommates finish the final part of their internship and set up a musical charity project for kids. Mike treats the charity as his baby but Dustin starts to take control of things and spills out his ideas while everyone meet with a curator to create a web page.

"Dustin always wants to be the number one thing, it's really starting to get annoying because everything I want to do he wants to one up," Mike says.

Mike then tells Dustin that he doesn't know if Dustin will be allowed in the school because if they Google Dustin's name they'll find porn. Dustin gets mad and feels like Mike is targeting him.

"I don't know why you're mad at me, you did porn and these are the ramifications you're going to have to deal with in life," Mike says.

In one room Dustin talks to Heather and says Mike was being malicious and in another room Mike is talking to Cooke and thinks Dustin hates everything he says.

Nany meets up with an investigator and finds out more news about her long, lost father.

The investigator says her father is living in Florida and has been married for a long time maybe even before she was born. She plans on meeting up with her father and writes a letter with hope of giving it to him.

The roommmates then receive news that they're going to a beach party on a week vacation to Cancun, Mexico (where the 22nd season of Real World was taped) and they say goodbye to Las Vegas for now.

They live it up in Cancun but the fun and excitement doesn't last for long...

Heather and Dustin once again cozy up to each other and Mike says, "Apparently Heather and Dustin are back together again. It's really annoying watching them kiss and just hang out solely with themselves."

Sounds like we have a hater.

Everyone later on goes to the club and Cooke has her eyes set on a new prize. She meets an Australian, hooks up with him in the club and brings him back to the house.

She says, "We're in Mexico so why not."

Nany and Leroy go in the room to spy on Cooke and her guy in the bed and Cooke catches Nany and asks her to get vaseline.

"I don't know what the hell this girl needs vaseline for but I went and got it for her," Nany says.

The next morning Naomi asks Cooke, from on a scale of one to ten how was it and Cooke says she expected better! Lol.

Cooke seems like she's on Leroy's level of hooking up, I think these two should get together.

Later on, everyone is at a club again and Dustin apparently has had too much to drink and things start to escalate from there.

He first picks a fight with a cab driver when the roommmates are trying to go home. When everyone gets back to the house Mike tells Dustin he was acting like an idiot. Mike antagonizes him and tells Dustin, "just hit me and be done."
"I'll push you out the window b*tch," Dustin says to Mike. "I've been waiting for this, because I want you."

Mike screams for him to do it. It's not a good idea to pick a fight with a drunk person. Point taken when Dustin goes over to Mike and mushes his face extra hard.

All four of the girls are trying to break them apart and Dustin threatens to throw a big object at Mike and mushes his face again.

Where the hell was Leroy? They showed him for a quick second. He didn't even try to break the boys apart, all the girls had to.

Dustin then goes outside and cools off but comes back in and starts up again saying to Mike, "Don't look at me b*tch I'll kill you." Woah! But Mike laughs it off and sits down.

Dustin brings up what Mike said earlier about him not going to the high school because of his porn and says its been building up in him.

He flips over Mike's chair knocking him back and the girls grab him and break it up once again, yelling at Dustin to calm down before he goes home.

Oh wait, Leroy now calms Dustin down after everything and tells him to chill.

Mike and Heather seperate themselves and go outside.

"For the past month all I've done was try to understand that motherf*ck#r, all I've done is try to give him a chance and no matter what, he hates me!" Mike says to Heather.

Dustin talks it out with Leroy and feels like Mike belittled him into trying to make it seem like he couldn't go to the high school because he's a molister. Mike knew what buttons to push to pick a fight with Dustin.

"If you don't respect me you must fear me," Dustin says.

After the storm, everyone goes to a beach party and Mike doesn't like the fact that the roomies are ignoring what happened between him and Dustin.

He talks to Cooke and Cooke says to Mike he was taunting Dustin. Mike gets pissed and walks away. He says he didn't mean to say what he said in a bad way and he tried to be Dustin's friend.

"This is so f*cked up this kid can act like a little b*tch and run around and do whatever the f*ck he wants and everyone kisses his a** and now that f*cks up my experience," Mike says to Leroy.

Mike thinks Dustin is an idiot, needs help and oh yeah, wants him to go home but says he can't say anything to Dustin because then he'll be in the wrong.

Well, the roommates vacation is over and they head back to Las Vegas. Mike is still dwelling on the Dustin situation. He says being that Dustin is so emotional, he reminds him of his father.

Cooke says what happened in Cancun will change the rest of the two weeks that they have to live together. Mike says he looks forward to not having to see or talk to Dustin again.

At the end of the show the king troublemaker himself, Adam tells the girls via web-cam that he'll be visiting Las Vegas for a few days and will stay in a place by the roommates. Oh boy! You already know next week he'll be getting extra drunk as usual and will most likely hook u with Nany as she's already planning on it.

With The Real World coming to an end soon we have The Challenge to look forward to. This season's challenge is entitled Rivals: The Jungle and will premiere on June 22 in Costa Rica & Argentina. And a couple people from this Real World season will be on this challenge.

Want to see which roomies will be on The Challenge, the other castmates and the teams? Click the link below and the trailer.