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America's Best Dance Crew: Reggae Dancing to Rihanna's Music

In this weeks ABDC challenge the six remaining crews danced to music by Rihanna and had to incorporate some of her moves into their dance routines. Rihanna's choreographer, Tanisha Scott was there to give the crews their challenges.

And the crew who did the best this week is IaMme once again! 
IaMmE performs to Rihanna's "S&M."

IaMmE danced to Rihanna's newest song, "S&M" with their challenge being "The Spiderman" and boy did they kill this dance!

This is the crew people need to watch out for, they're very creative. The way they had the youngest girl surfing on top of the rest of the people in their opening then created a human web was very hot.

JC said he likes everything about IaMme calling it an exceptional performance.

One of my favorite crews, Instant Noodles got called first this week. Their challenge was "The Head Top" and they performed to Rihanna's "So Hard" ending their dance performance with this challenge.

The Los Angeles-based crew breaks it down on the stage.
Instant Noodles killing it
Lil' Mama thought Instant Noodles could have brought a little more dance hall style to the performance.

D-Trix called it the best performance they put on the stage thus far and JC said their floor work was a little sloppy.

Iconic Boyz were up next, their challenge was "Give It A Run" and they danced to "Only Girl In the World". 

Realizing they needed to step it up from last week so the judges wouldn't be as controversial again, Iconic Boyz did better.

The ICONic Boyz take the stage after being declared safe.
One of the playful moments in Iconic Boys performance
"Last week I said it takes more than being adorable to be America's best dance crew, and this week I felt you brought adorable, you brought stunts, you brought comedy and really good choreagraphy and that's what it takes to be America's best dance crew," D-Trix said.

My other favorite crew Street Kingdom mastered their challenge "The Sexy Wind" to Rihanna's "Rude Boy". Their story telling throughout the performace was on point and the girl in the crew stood out doing the sexy dances.

Street Kingdom performs to Rihanna's "Rude Boy."An emotional Lil' Mama said, "Ya'll represent the streets, ya'll really do and ya'll represent the bottom and ya'll represent people who don't have a chance and I really love ya'll for that."

She told the crew not to be so A, B, C with the choreography and to open their dancing up to more than just crunking.

Bottom Two
787 Crew performs to Rihanna's "What's My Name."After landing in the bottom two, the members of Phunk Phenomenon dance for their lives.

Despite 787 Crew killing it last week and including their injured dance member in a wheel chair, they ended up in the bottom this week along with Phunk Phenomenom.

Phunk Phenomenom danced to one of my favorite Rihanna songs, "Please Don't Stop the Music" including "The Chaplin" as their challenge. That little dude, Bebo is crazy nice with the headstands and bee-boy dancing. D-Trix said there isn't one weakness with this crew.

787 Crew danced to "What's My Name" doing the "Gallis Step" as they had to go all the way back to the ground as their challenge and they ended their performance with a back flip off the stage.

I didn't agree with these two crews being in the bottom this week, I do think there was one crew that should have been in the bottom and they were saved because of their cuteness.

Both bottom crews killed it, the judges all agreed that this was one of the hardest results they would have to come up with but in the end it was 787 Crew who got the boot as Phunk Phenomenom was a little better.

Next week: The crews will dance to Justin Bieber tracks.

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Check out IaMme below: